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China aims for $2.8T e-commerce sales by 2015

China has laid out plans to drive the value of online shopping to 18 trillion yuan (US$2.86 trillion) by 2015, unveiling a set of policy measures to hit that goal.

Creating a Web Startup in China – The Yunio Way

CHINA | Not many foreigners are brave enough to start a company in China, especially an internet business. Willing to try are the people of Yunio (??), who have created a cloud storage service much like Dropbox, but with an advantage the competition doesn’t have: access to the Chinese market. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Yunio’s Founder Chris Mathews and Operations Director Joey Gu in their office here in Shanghai.

Maverick Research: Online Payment and e-Commerce in China 2012

CHINA | Maverick Research has published their 2012 report on the Online Payment and eCommerce sales in China. In the past few years, China's e-commerce market has been expanding rapidly. When this report was first published in 2009, only 50.6% of transactions were processed through an online payment channel. Today, more and more payments are occurring online: 73.9% of transactions are processed online and only 11.6% of transactions are cash on delivery.


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