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Dwolla was inspired by and created for the web. It is dedicated to providing anyone in the U.S. with an internet connection the ability to safely send money to friends or businesses. The network removes the traditional threat of identity fraud, sensitive financial data, and third-party processors from the transaction, allowing Dwolla to avoid costly interchange fees and move funds under $10 for free, with a flat 25 cents per transaction for over $10.

Interview with Ben Milne, founder of Dwolla

There's a tiny 12-person startup churning out of Des Moines, Iowa. Dwolla was founded by 28-year-old Ben Milne; it's an innovative online payment system that sidesteps credit cards completely.

Dwolla releases Instant cash feature

US-based online, mobile and social payments platform provider Dwolla has introduced a new feature, dubbed the Instant. Via the newly released feature, users will be able to transfer money instantly.


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