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eCommerce in Europe: trends and outlook 2011

The growth of eCommerce has made it much easier for even small brands and retailers to trade outside of their domestic markets. However, while the infrastructure might be there to support this, it can still take a considerable investment in time and money to understand the intricacies of doing business in different markets. Often this leads to companies not taking advantage of these expanded markets and continuing, solely, to trade locally.

Austria joins Ecommerce Europe with aCommerce Team

BRUSSELS | The Austrian based aCommerce Team has joined Ecommerce Europe, the European umbrella organisation for e-commerce consisting of associations and companies selling products and services online to consumers.

Ecommerce Europe presents its vision on e-regulations, e-payments and e-logistics

BRUSSELS | Today, Ecommerce Europe, the new European organisation for promoting the interests of webshops, held three pre-conferences around the topics: e-regulations, e-payments and e-logistics. The pre-conferences took place in Barcelona, just before the annual Global E-commerce Summit (GES).

GRECA (Greece) joins Ecommerce Europe

BRUSSELS | GRECA, the Greek ecommerce association, joins Ecommerce Europe as the 12th home shopping association. GRECA represents over 115 e-railers in Greece. Greece is one of the fastest growing online markets in Europe (+61% 2012 vs 2011). The Greek ecommerce market is projected to grow to almost € 3.2 billion in 2013.  

About | The Dutch E-commerce Branch Association

VLEUTEN | is the eCommerce branch member association for the Dutch online market. For online merchants operating on the Dutch eCommerce Market it is a 'must-have' membership | only then you may state the Thuiswinkel Trustmark | representing trust and safe commerce. The Thuiswinkel Trustmark is a quality stamp and provides confidence to online shoppers.

Ecommerce turnover in Europe: how many billions in 2012?

BRUSSELS | European e-commerce is booming. This is apparent from the forecast issued by Ecommerce Europe, the new European umbrella organisation for online retailers. European online revenue is expected to grow around 22 per cent in 2012. Online purchases are increasing explosively, in particular in Southern and Eastern Europe. Ecommerce Europe figures are compiled in cooperation with various e-commerce associations around Europe and in cooperation with GfK.

Ecommerce Europe grows with Spanish Association Adigital

BRUSSELS | Adigital, the Spanish association for e-commerce has joined Ecommerce Europe, the leading European umbrella organization for online retailers. Adigital (Spain Digital Economy Association), is a non-profit organization representing over 500 member companies that are transforming the shape of the digital arena in Spain.

Netcomm Suisse joins Ecommerce Europe

BRUSSELS | The Switzerland-based NetComm Suisse has joined Ecommerce Europe, the European umbrella organization for e-commerce consisting of associations and companies selling products and/or services online to consumers. “NetComm Suisse, the Swiss e-commerce association, is pleased to announce its association to Ecommerce Europe. 

Online Retail Market Netherlands First Half 2013

THUISWINKEL.ORG | The turnover in the online retail market in the Netherlands grew to reach €5 billion during the first six months of 2013. This is more than an 8% growth in comparison with the same period in 2012. This can be seen from the Thuiswinkel Market Monitor 2013-1, the twice-yearly research into consumer expenditure carried out by Blauw Research and sponsored by PostNL.

Spain ranks #1 for Southern European Ecommerce Markets

BRUSSELS | The Spanish ecommerce market tops the list in Southern Europe with almost 13 billion euro online sales in 2012. Turkey's ecommerce market is the fastest growing. Italy, Turkey, Greece and Portugal complete the top 5 with over 20 billion euro combined in online retail sales, latest Southern Europe B2C E-Commerce report by Ecommerce Europe reveals.


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