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Forex Broker FBS Adds EgoPay To Payment Options

The international brokerage house FBS recently announced that they are were widening their deposit choices and including EgoPay among their options. This is the latest in a number of Forex brokers who have decided to include the popular electronic payment system to their deposit and withdrawal options. Below we will look at some of the other companies which are also now using the innovative EgoPay system.

Bitcoin Trading Platform BTC-E Added EgoPay as Payment Method

BTC-E, one of the most famous cryptocurrency exchanges online, has just added EgoPay as their new payment method. Due to their top-notch services, flawless customer service and optimized website, this trading network has become preferred over many other trading platforms from Western Europe, Asia, United States, Canada and even Australia.

Bitfinex Added EgoPay as Payment Method

The international brokerage house and trading platform Bitfinex recently announced that they are widening their deposit choices by including EgoPay among their payment methods. In the bitcoin trading world, is considered one of the most advanced players due to their increased understanding on bitcoin exchange, out-of-this-world security and wide variety of features.

EgoPay sponsors Bitcoin 2014 conference

AMSTERDAM | EgoPay has become official sponsor of Bitcoin 2014: Building the Digital Economy conference which will be held on from 15th to 17th of May and it will take place at the Passengers Terminal Amsterdam. EgoPay is a global e-payment system that enables online businesses to take payments for goods, services, subscriptions and donations. EgoPay also allows to send international money transfers to friends, family members or business partners, and fund Forex and Bitcoin accounts.


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