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European E-commerce Awards 2014 | Nominees

BARCELONA | The European e-commerce market is growing strongly: all over Europe, (online) retailers are doing their best to please and serve their customers. In order to stimulate the e-commerce market everywhere in Europe, national associations, organisations and publishers are giving out national e-commerce awards to the best online shop(s) in their respective countries. These awards are organized under the auspices of Ecommerce Europe, the European umbrella organization for online retailers.

GES 2014 | 'e-Payments market is in a critical phase'

EVENT NEWS | The e-Payments market is in a critical phase: Regulation is being prepared, which will make it easier for new players to access consumer payment accounts, possibly leading to more diverse offering of payment services to merchants. Furthermore, the mobile channel is putting pressure on payment providers towards reach and ease of use. And increasing fraud leads to the increasing need for authentication of buyers when paying online.


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