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Computop's Paygate adds New Alternative Payment Methods

GERMANY | Computop has launched Computop Paygate 6.0. This latest Paygate version offers new international and domestic alternative payment methods that make it even easier and faster for merchants to conduct business both domestically and internationally. Paygate 6.0 is fully SEPA proof and prepared for the pan-European payment harmonisation initiative due to go live in February and August 2014.


Hipercard is a credit card with its own brand. Controlled by Itau, Hipercard is popular in the Northeast and South of Brazil, with 470 thousand accredited establishments and more than 13 million cards issued in 2010. It was initially created as a loyalty card for Bompreço grocery stores in Recife back in 1969. Its expansion started in Recife in 1991, when its name was changed to Hipercard and by 1993 it was fully operating as a credit card. This expansion turned Hipercard into the first store card to be accepted by other commercial establishments as a credit card. In 2004, it was acquired by Unibanco, which now belongs to Itau. Through its partnership with merchant acquirer Redecard it is accepted in more than six thousand commercial establishments. Hipercard started as a private label credit card company for the Bompreço chain of supermarkets and is now an independent credit card company and one of the most popular Brazilian online payment method.


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