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MasterCard Credit Card Rates in Netherlands To Drop?

BLOG | MasterCard Europe has agreed to lower its average domestic interchange fee in the Netherlands from 0.9% to 0.3% in the coming two years. Dutch merchants accepting MasterCard payments are likely to benefit since lower costs could result in lower credit card merchant fees. By lowering its interchange fees, MasterCard has prevented a formal investigation by the Dutch Authority for Consumer & Markets.

Cross-Border Interchange Fees on Visa credit cards will be capped

BRUSSEL | Europe's Antitrust Regulator accepts Visa Europe's offer to cap its cross-border interchange fees on credit cards to 0.3% of the value of each transaction. According to the terms of the 4-year deal, Visa Europe would reduce interchange rates in 10 European Union countries including Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Ireland, and Hungary.

Capping Interchange Fees to impact Payment Card Usage

BRUSSELS | A survey commissioned by MasterCard looked at consumer opinions on the European Commission's proposal to cap interchange fees and introduce measures that could impact payment card usage. According to the results 82% of consumers believe that retailers would not pass on any cost savings from a reduction in their contribution to the costs of the electronic payments system.

'Amex And Diners Club Should Be Included In EU Regulation on Capping Interchange Fees'

WATERLOO | The majority of high value retailers in Europe believe that the EU rules to cap interchange fees for electronic payments should only go ahead if they apply to all market players. More than half of high value retailers will not pass on savings from the proposed EU cap on interbank fees on card payments to their customers, and instead invest the money into their business. That results from new research by Ipsos MORI, commissioned by MasterCard.

New Visa Europe Interchange Programme: Opportunity for Merchants and Acquirers

BLOG | Early 2015, Visa Europe will introduce their so-called Cross Border Domestic Interchange Programme (CBDIP). This programme will cap interchange fees for domestic transactions processed by European cross-border acquirers. This seems to be excellent news for merchants as it could reduce their Visa card transactions costs considerably. But there is more to it.


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