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AfterPay is a Dutch company which develops and provides innovative post-payment methods for web shops and third parties offering online payment. AfterPay offers online retailers a unique full service post-payment service. Our service includes the risk management process, the real time online acceptation of consumers for open invoices, sending the (digital) open invoices and collecting the (digital) invoices. The online retailer has no payment risk or fraud risk, because AfterPay guarantees p

Klarna enters Austria

STOCKHOLM | Klarna, a leading European online payments service, today announced that they are expanding their business into a seventh European country. Klarna´s services will be available to e-merchants and consumers in Austria during the fall of 2012.

Klarna appoints two new directors to board

STOCKHOLM | Klarna, a leading European online payments service, today announced that Nigel Morris, co-founder of Capital One, and Anton Levy, Managing Director of General Atlantic will join its Board of Directors. Members of the board also include Michael Moritz of Sequoia Capital, Klaus Hommels of Hommels Holding, Chairman Eva Cederbalk and Klarna’s founders.


Kriita offers a new invoice-based payment solution for egaming operators, which enables smart, convenient and secure deposits from any device. The founders were inspired by the fact that invoice payment is a popular and, contrary to people's notion, growing payment method for online purchases that did not exist within egaming. Once they realized they could solve the critical issues around player responsibility and risk management they were convinced they had a good case. As opposed to all other payment options Kriita takes the entire credit risk, meaning that the operator has no risk of exposure. The Kriita solution also enables egaming operators to accept more deposits while still avoiding chargeback by performing instant and thorough KYCs on the players.   The Kriita payment solution also helps the customers to play responsibly as it takes each potential customer's financial status into account in order to minimise the risk of them spending more than they can afford. By performing a KYC and credit check Kriita is able to establish each individual's deposit limits in real time. The player's limit is set depending on his/her current and past financial status, thus minimising problem gambling. For more information about Kriita please visit  

Boleto Bancário

Boleto Bancário is an official push payment method regulated by the Brazilian Central Bank. The 'Boleto' payment process is similar to wire transfer or cash payment methods. Buyers are provided with a prefilled boleto bancário bank slip and have the option of printing the form and physically paying with cash at any bank branch or at authorized processors such as drugstores, supermarkets or post offices. Boletos can also be paid electronically at any of the more than 48,000 electronic banking points in Brazil or through Internet banking, which is largely used in Brazil. See below for the Payment Service Providers processing Boleto Bancario payments on behalf of ecommerce merchants and online businesses.


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