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UnionPay outperforms MasterCard and Visa

CALIFORNIA | According to the latest issue of The Nilson Report, the most popular payment method based on purchase volume were UnionPay debit cards, surpassing Visa credit and debit cards. UnionPay, established in 2002, is the national bankcard association in China. 

Payvision adds JCB Card to its payment portfolio

AMSTERDAM | Payvision, independent Payment Solutions Provider, specialised in Global Card Processing for the eCommerce market and one of the fastest growing global acquiring networks in the world, is excited to add JCB Card to its global payment portfolio. As the only international payment card brand based in Japan, JCB has built a strong presence in Asia, while processing secure payment transactions for its expanding network of 24 million merchants worldwide.


JCB (Japanese Credit Bureau), founded in 1961 in Japan, and continues to expand their business internationally. JCB has its cards issued in 20 different countries, 15 million cards are issued outside Japan. JCB cards can be used worldwide. For online merchants focussed on the Japanese ecommerce market it is a must have online payment option.   JCB cards can be used online similar to MasterCard and Visa credit or debit cards. JCB cardholders enter their card number, expiry date and CAV2 (=JCB's CVC security code). The card and balance are instantly checked and payment confirmation is received in seconds. Card-Not-Present fraud and chargebacks on JCB cards can be limited by using J-Secure, JCB's 3D-Secure product (similar to MasterCard SecureCode, Verified by Visa).  JCB merchant fees are usually charged as a commission (percentage). Be aware: there are not as many JCB Payment Service Providers and Merchant Acquirers as for MasterCard and Visa.

Why accept credit cards online?

BLOG | Retailers and businesses that are selling online or process orders via phone or fax should really consider to accept the major credit brands MasterCard and Visa. Here is why.


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