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Mazooma is the real-time debit payment solution for US online consumers and merchants. Consumers checking out using the Mazooma payment option simply complete payment by choosing their bank and providing their username and password for their online banking. Merchants receive instant approval and can ship immediately. Mazooma payments are guaranteed and cost a fraction of credit card commission rates. Mazooma allows merchants to tap into consumers that do not have a credit card for online purchases or do not want to share sensitive credit card information over the internet. Mazooma supports 75% of all consumer bank accounts in the U.S. and allows merchants to serve more than 70 million American households that use online banking. Please see below for Payment Service Providers that support ecommerce merchants to accept Mazooma payments.

Bigpoint selects Mazooma as US online bank transfer partner

HAMBURG - Bigpoint, a global online-game developer, publisher and content provider, has entered an agreement with Mazooma, an US online debit payment services provider, to make the latter its US online bank transfer partner.


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