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'iPhone devices account for almost 36% of all browser-based transactions'

PAYONE integrates mobile checkout solution Yapital

Fortumo: Mobile Payments in 90 Countries | About-Payments Spotlight

SPOTLIGHT | In this edition of the About-Payments Spotlight we give the stage to carrier billing company Fortumo. Fortumo was born out of a simple question: if mobile phones can be used for all kinds of things besides talking and texting, why are they not used for payments?

PaymentAsia Launches CUP Mobile Payment Service

Payment Asia will be adding this new payment option to provide merchants the ease to accept China UnionPay (CUP) payments originating from a mobile device. Since CUP is the major banking giant of Asia it will be a great advantage for large as well small to medium sized merchants to accept CUP payments from mobile.


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