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European Parliament approves new rules on distance selling

BUCKAROO BLOG | The European Parliament has approved new rules on distance selling, giving consumers in each Member State the same rights and obligations at online purchases.

Pay Later becoming popular in the Netherlands

Buckaroo appoints Andre Valkenburg as CEO

THE NETHERLANDS | At 1 October 2014, Buckaroo, one of the leading Payment Service Providers based in the Netherlands, and subsidiary of Intrum Justitia AB, has appointed Mr. Andre Valkenburg as CEO.

Buckaroo adds AfterPay

NETHERLANDS | Buckaroo - Payment Service Provider based in the Netherlands - adds AfterPay to its payment method offering. AfterPay allows online shoppers to shop first and buy later. AfterPay is one of the most popular 'Pay-After-Delivery' online payment solutions in the Netherland and Belgium. 

The Wallets are coming!

BUCKAROO BLOG | Companies are trying many different ways to attract consumers in order to achieve a higher conversion rate in the payment process. One way is to use a virtual wallet.

AfterPay in Belgium is now also available without additional verification step

BUCKAROO BLOG | Market research conducted by the local trade organisation, BeCommerce, shows that many Belgian consumers miss having an option that allows them to pay later, after their order has been delivered.

Receive mobile payments, anywhere, anytime!

BUCKAROO BLOG | The use of tablets and smartphones is still increasing exponentially. These devices are the sales channels of the future. A good, user-friendly payment solution is crucial to successfully sell your products and services via mobile devices.

Introducing Jeroen Jungerius, Commercial Director Buckaroo


Buckaroo awarded 'Best Payment Service Provider in the Netherlands'

NETHERLANDS | Buckaroo has been chosen as the Netherlands’ Best Payment Service Provider for the second year in a row. Buckaroo owes this first place in the Emerce 100, Online Payments category, to the votes cast by decision makers who are employed in online marketing, ICT and e-business.

Buckaroo launches e-Mandates for SEPA Direct Debits

The banks in the Netherlands have collectively developed an e-Mandates solution called Digital Direct Debit Authorisation. As a leading Payment Service Provider, Buckaroo is the first one to launch the Digital Direct Debit Authorisation so that direct debits, or SEPA Direct Debits, can be signed by the consumer with a legally valid digital signature. 


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