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'The Advantages of Direct Merchant Accounts for Ecommerce Merchants' | eComCharge Advertorial

LATVIA | eComCharge, a Latvian-based European Payment Service Provider, offers its customers to open a direct merchant account within the framework of its bePaid payment solution. A so-called Merchant Account allows merchants to accept card payments (like MasterCard and Visa) on the internet and receive the card payments in their designated bank account.

10 things that you need to know when choosing a payment service

BLOG by ECOMCHARGE | It is common knowledge that the payment services market is highly competitive: banks, service providers, aggregators, small processing companies all offer online payment processing services. How does an online business owner choose the right payment service provider? What points should be paid attention to and what issues should be considered when evaluating different offers? Where one start and whom does one turn to?

eComCharge - Gate to Payments | About-Payments Spotlight

SPOTLIGHT | In this edition of the About-Payments Spotlight we give the stage to payment provider eComCharge. eComCharge, headquartered in Riga (Latvia), provides modular white-label payment platform as well as card and alternative payment processing solutions for both online merchants and online payment service providers.

eComCharge 'bePaid' simplifies card acceptance for Belarusian ecommerce merchants

RIGA | eComCharge launches its bePaid service for the Belarusian e-commerce market. bePaid enables online merchant and marketplace to easily open up a merchant account for the acceptance of the major credit card brands like MasterCard and Visa.


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