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UK leads the way with total online sales

BRUSSELS | The Western European B2C e-commerce market is developing extremely well. This results from the new Western Europe B2C E-commerce Report published by Ecommerce Europe. The e-commerce figures are established in cooperation with national e-commerce associations and GfK. The report is made possible with the support of GlobalCollect, Informatica Corp, RichRelevance and Salesupply.

German e-commerce market: +27% in 2013

BRUSSELS | Ecommerce Europe has published a new e-commerce report on the Central-European E-commerce Market. According to their research, this Region showed an average growth rate of nearly 23% in 2013 - far above the European average growth of 17.5%. 

Ecommerce Benchmark launched in 7 European Markets

THE NETHERLANDS | The Ecommerce Foundation - a new European organisation to help ecommerce merchants with practical expert insights, cross-company benchmarking and e-commerce studies - launched its Ecommerce Benchmark today.

Global E-commerce Sales Growth Figures 2014 | Ecommerce Foundation

Just like in the preceding year, Asia-Pacific was the largest e-commerce market in the world in 2014. Its total B2C e-commerce turnover amounted to $ 770.0bn, which was higher than Europe’s ($ 567.0bn) and North America’s ($ 522.9bn). Asia-Pacific’s B2C e-commerce market even widened the gap as it is currently growing at a much faster pace than the others. In 2014, it grew by 44.3%, against 13.9% for Europe and 12.2% for North America.

Luxembourg E-commerce Association joins Ecommerce Europe

The Luxembourg E-commerce Association, Fédération luxembourgeoise du e-commerce, has joined Ecommerce Europe as its 18th national association member. Ecommerce Europe is the European umbrella organization for e-commerce representing over 25,000 companies selling products and/or services online to consumers.

Ecommerce Europe Trustmark launches in 11 countries

It is also the only pan-European trustmark with its own consumer-friendly complaints handling system. And perhaps most importantly it is the only European trustmark that is free for members of participating national associations. It is essential that European regulators give their support to the most reliable and accessible schemes, such as the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark”.


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