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ECommPay becomes VISA Principal Member

UNITED KINGDOM | VISA granted a VISA Principal Member status to payment processing company ECommPay. As a VISA Principal Member, ECommPay can accelerate the processing of merchant applications and can connect merchants directly to the VISA network.

Payment Processor ECommPay Opens in Singapore

Payment processing provider ECommPay celebrated the opening of its first Asian office, conveniently located in [Marina Bay Financial Centre, Singapore]. As a global commercial centre, Singapore is ideally situated at the heart of Asian e-Commerce, attracting companies and specialists from around the world.

Which online payment methods are most favourable for gamers?

ECommPay has compelled a report of the different aspects of online gaming in different countries which tries to answer some of the questions most pertinent to industry specialists: which devices are most preferable in different countries? Which payment methods are most favourable for users? What are the market limitations?


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