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PayPal adds Trustly to its Digital Wallet

STOCKHOLM | Trustly and PayPal team up in Scandinavia to offer PayPal users the opportunity to fund their accounts directly from their online bank. The new partnerships initially covers Sweden and Denmark.

Braintree adds PayPal as a payment option

UNITED STATES | Braintree, the payment gateway bought by PayPal, announces the release of a new product called the 'Braintree SDK (software development kit)'. This kit allows online, mobile and in-app merchants and sellers to easily and quickly integrate and accept payments. To no ones surprise, the new piece of payment software allows businesses to easily accept PayPal next to other major credit cards.

Bill Me Later rebrands to PayPal Credit

UNITED STATES | PayPal announces it rebrands its Bill Me Later service to PayPal Credit. The service allows shoppers to buy now and pay later. PayPal positions the PayPal Credit service as the secure, instant and reusable credit line without the need to use 'plastic' (cards). PayPal Credit will soon be introduced in the U.K., Germany and Australia.   

PayPal Payments Hub to support Bitcoin payments

UNITED STATES | According to PayPal's Blog Post, they have entered into agreements with the leading Bitcoin payment processors BitPay, Coinbase and GoCoin. The agreements will enable PayPal's digital goods merchants to accept Bitcoin payments through a simple integration with their PayPal Payments Hub. PayPal will first support acceptance of Bitcoin in North America.

Pay After Delivery by PayPal officially launched

UNITED STATES | Last week at the Money2020 event in Las Vegas, PayPal officially launched its Pay After Delivery service. The payment firm also announced new partnerships and Cybersource (both Visa companies). PayPal piloted the Pay After Delivery service in the U.K. last year and then tested it earlier this year in the U.S

Paymill adds PayPal to its offering

GERMANY | Paymill is teaming up with PayPal to enrich the range of payment methods offered by its online payment solution. Paymill is one of the fastest growing FinTech-Startups in Europe and now supports all major credit cards, SEPA direct debits, ELV and PayPal through one simple API.


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