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Stripe Checkout gets China's most popular payment method Alipay

SAN FRANCISCO | US payments firm Stripe partners with Alibaba’s payments service Alipay and adds this popular Chinese payment method to its Stripe Checkout (merchant can sign up for beta). The partnership enables Stripe's merchants to tap into the booming Chinese ecommerce market with 1.3 billion people. At the same time it paves the way for Alibaba to expand its Alipay payment service to the West. Alipay is China’s most popular online payment method, used for over half of Chinese internet transactions. 

Stripe Launches Improved Payment Checkout

SAN FRANCISCO | Stripe launches a new version of their Checkout to further optimise the mobile and online payment experience and to ensure the best conversion rates regardless devices used. Stripe already tested the Checkout across all major operating systems, devices, thousands of sites and millions of transactions. 

Stripe launches in Australia

AUSTRALIA | US payments firm Stripe launches its payment service in Australia, its first country in the Asia-Pacific Region. Starting today, Australian businesses can instantly start accepting payments from anyone, anywhere in the world. 

Stripe launches in Nordics

SAN FRANCISCO | Sourced from its company blog, Stripe has pulled out of beta in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Scandinavian ecommerce merchants and developers are now able to use Stripe's easy lines of code to - almost instantly - accept card payments online. Stripe is now available in 20 countries around the globe.

Visa and Stripe partner to expand online commerce globally

Through this relationship, Stripe will accelerate its international expansion, particularly in emerging markets, accessing Visa’s global footprint through its acquiring and issuing partners. To support this growth and joint long-term initiatives, Visa has also made a strategic investment in Stripe.

Stripe adds American Express Checkout to its offering

American Express has partnered with Stripe to let over 20 million cardholders pay online and in apps using their existing American Express login, rather than entering their full credit card details. Merchants using Stripe can simply add Amex Express Checkout to their website or app with a single code snippet.


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