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Visa Inc: Visa Checkout replaces by Visa

SAN FRANCISCO | Visa rebrands its by Visa service to Visa Checkout. Visa's new checkout option will allow US, Canadian and Australian shoppers to speed through the online checkout process in just a few steps and complete online, mobile and in-app card payments by simply entering username and password. Visa Checkout replaces the current by Visa service, first introduced in 2012, and get its own acceptance mark.

Why Visa Inc rebrands by Visa to Visa Checkout

BLOG | Visa Inc. has announced last week that it is replacing its by Visa digital wallet with Visa Checkout. Checkout has launched immediately in the US, Canada and Australia with a number of leading retailers and 180 financial institutions supporting.

Visa Europe confirms plan for Payment Tokenization

LONDON | Following last week announcement by Visa Inc, now Visa Europe also announced its plan to launch a tokenisation service customised for the needs of the European market. Tokenisation technology will be at the heart of new payment solutions to make card payments more secure and to increase the protection of card data. The new service will be available for financial institutions from mid-April 2015.

UK commits to by Visa

LONDON | Visa Europe confirmed that it has secured commitment from 55% of the UK’s issuance base, which accounts for more than 60 million card holders, and thousands of the UK’s retailers, large and small, to commercially rollout by Visa at scale in the UK this year.

Visa Checkout scores big in ComScore Report

UNITED STATES | Visa Inc. announced last month that more of the top e-commerce merchants will offer Visa Checkout - the online checkout service launched by Visa less than a year ago. The newly announced merchants include Dunkin’ Donuts and Williams-Sonoma in the U.S., Pizza Hut and BONDS in Australia and Indigo and Roots in Canada.

Computop to boost by Visa acceptance by Visa is a digital wallet which allows consumers to store their debit and credit cards in a virtual wallet -  serviced and secured by the consumer bank or another approved wallet provider. The by Visa wallet can then be used to pay while shopping online - whether it is buying through browsers on desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet, or for in-app purchases. 

Almost 250,000 merchants already support Visa Checkout

“Consumers expect to get what they want, when they want it in digital commerce channels and eliminating friction in the buying experience is a big part of that,” said Thad Peterson, Senior Analyst at Aite Group.

Visa Checkout launched in Brazil

Visa announced the launch of Visa Checkout in Brazil, the online checkout service that allows consumers to make purchases quickly and easily from any device. The first merchant to offer Visa Checkout is Futebolcard, the Brazilian service which allows soccer fans to purchase tickets for games in 12 different stadiums.

Visa Checkout Introduces New Interactive Button for Faster Mobile Commerce

Visa Inc. unveiled a digital “swipe” product enhancement for Visa Checkout that allows shoppers to complete their online purchase by sliding a virtual image of their credit, debit or prepaid card across the screen of a smartphone, tablet or laptop. The dynamic, new interactive button brings an engaging new way to pay with Visa Checkout, especially on mobile devices with smaller screens.


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