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Visa Europe confirms plan for Payment Tokenization

LONDON | Following last week announcement by Visa Inc, now Visa Europe also announced its plan to launch a tokenisation service customised for the needs of the European market. Tokenisation technology will be at the heart of new payment solutions to make card payments more secure and to increase the protection of card data. The new service will be available for financial institutions from mid-April 2015.

Visa Europe launches 'Visa Europe Collab' | Boosting Payments Innovation Throughout Europe

LONDON | Visa Europe today announces the launch of Visa Europe Collab, its new international innovation hub. Working with a network of partners from across the digital and fintech ecosystem, Visa Europe Collab offers start-ups and technology entrepreneurs the insight, tools and connections to forge the technologies and services that will transform citizens’ interactions with payments (see video in this article). 

UK commits to by Visa

LONDON | Visa Europe confirmed that it has secured commitment from 55% of the UK’s issuance base, which accounts for more than 60 million card holders, and thousands of the UK’s retailers, large and small, to commercially rollout by Visa at scale in the UK this year.

Visa Europe Collab opens hub in Germany

Visa Europe Collab and its partners from across the digital and fintech ecosystem offer start-ups and technology entrepreneurs tools, expertise and connections to enable them to develop technologies and services which will change the way people interact with payments. One idea from Visa Europe Collab London, recently delivered as a successful proof of concept, saw the creation of a contactless charity donation tin to test the viability of contactless payments to grow charitable giving.


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