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PagSeguro, a UOL company, is an online payments solution that enables anyone to complete transactions or receive payments using credit cards, bank transfers, payment slips or their PagSeguro account balance. UOL is the leading internet services and online content company in Brazil. It provides an extremely safe environment for online transactions. The company also reduces the barriers for online purchases by automating online buying and selling processes, and allows businesses of any sizes to increase their online transactions. For further information please go to


MoIP is a company that processes online payments, allowing anyone to get through the internet for more than 15 different media such as credit cards, debit cards, bank transfer, direct debit and mobile.     Besides the integration with all payment methods, another important MoIP pillar is security. Not least, MoIP has the maximum certification of PCI DSS (Payment in internationally recognized credit card industry).  There are currently more than 300 items for analysis in our risk management and fraud processing more than 300,000 transactions online every month, approximately 25,000 storefronts, moving in Brazilian e-commerce an amount exceeding U.S. $ 300 million in the last year.  MoIP was launched in 2008 and is part of the iG, and Ideiasnet Arpex Capital Group.


Hipercard is a credit card with its own brand. Controlled by Itau, Hipercard is popular in the Northeast and South of Brazil, with 470 thousand accredited establishments and more than 13 million cards issued in 2010. It was initially created as a loyalty card for Bompreço grocery stores in Recife back in 1969. Its expansion started in Recife in 1991, when its name was changed to Hipercard and by 1993 it was fully operating as a credit card. This expansion turned Hipercard into the first store card to be accepted by other commercial establishments as a credit card. In 2004, it was acquired by Unibanco, which now belongs to Itau. Through its partnership with merchant acquirer Redecard it is accepted in more than six thousand commercial establishments. Hipercard started as a private label credit card company for the Bompreço chain of supermarkets and is now an independent credit card company and one of the most popular Brazilian online payment method.


Created in 1995 as a joint-venture between Visa International and banks Bradesco, Banco do Brasil, Santander and Banco Nacional, along with Visa International, Visanet aimed to unify the commercial relations between all the commercial establishments affiliated to Visa in Brazil. Due to the end of the exclusivity for Visa products in 2009, Visanet had its name changed to Cielo.                  


Redecard, part of the Itau Unibanco group, is one of the leading accreditation companies on the Brazilian market. Its activities include accreditation as well as capturing, transmitting, processing and settling debit and credit card transactions. The company also offers its clients prepayment for receivables, terminal (POS) rental, terminal (POS) check verification, as well as capturing and processing services for benefit cards (Voucher) and store cards (Private Label).

Brazil: “Tourism dollar” Exchange Rate Wrongfully Used for International Sales

BRAZIL | As sales volumes in the Brazilian market grow, foreign exchange rates play an important role in determining the amount international merchants receive in their respective currencies.


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