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Market Overview


Market Overview

Online retail sales to surge in India

NEW DELHI: Ecommerce sales are set to more than triple in India during the period to 2015, a study has predicted.

UK shoppers spend 32% of total budget online

UNITED KINGDOM | UK internet users make almost a third of all their purchases online – the highest proportion of any European country, according to a new study. IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) Europe’s latest Mediascope Europe study shows that UK internet users spend 32% of their total shopping budget online, followed by German users at 25.4%. The study also found that 96% of European internet users now research their purchases online, while 87% shop online and 19% do all their shopping online.

United Kingdom

Market Overview

United States (USA)

Market Overview

Online Retail Sales in Canada trailing behind?

CANADA | We stumbled across this excellent post from the Canadian Grocer that we wanted to share with you. Astonishingly the online retail market for Canada is trailing 5 per cent behind the US...and the quickest way to close that gap may lie in France...

Belgium Online Retail Sales Grow More Than 20% (2011)

BELGIUM | Online retail sales grow more than 20% year over year in the country.

Germans like to shop cross-border

GERMANY | 60 procent of all German Internet users have at least once bought abroad. Main reasons for the German online shoppers: products are not available through German webshops (85%) or a higher price (77%). The favorite countries to purchase from are the United Kingdom, the United States and China. More than one third of the shoppers has purchased goods or services at online retail stores in one of the fore-mentioned countries (37% in UK, 36% in US, 28% in China).


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