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iDEAL sets record for 2013

AMSTERDAM | iDEAL, the popular Dutch online payment method, sets a new record for 2013: over 142 million iDEAL transactions. Compared to 2012 a growth of 25 million iDEAL payments (+22%).

Rabobank: 10% of iDEAL payments through Mobile Banking App

VLEUTEN | Last September, Rabobank, one of the larger commercial banks in the Netherlands, updated its iOS and Android banking app to optimise iDEAL checkout on tablets and smartphones. Rabobank expects that the use of payment method iDEAL on mobile devices will take off in the coming months as checkout has been simplified and mobile checkout abandonment should drop.

Online payment method iDEAL reaches new milestone

AMSTERDAM | Online payment method iDEAL has reached a new milestone. Thanks to a considerable increase in the number of iDEAL payments, the magical threshold of half a billion iDEAL transactions was passed at the end of November. 

Dutch Banks choose Worldline to process SEPA eMandates and iDEAL payments

PARIS |  Worldline announced it has signed two new contracts with major Dutch banks. One new contract is to manage the new eMandate services for SEPA Direct Debit proposed by Betaalvereniging Nederland (BVN) and one is to manage SEPA Credit Transfer proposed by iDEAL, the most popular payment method in the Netherlands.


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