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Wirecard, RatePAY enter strategic alliance

ASCHHEIM - German-based international provider of electronic payment and risk management services Wirecard AG and RatePAY, the provider of online instalment payment services, have entered a strategic alliance to provide instalment payments for online purchases.


RatePAY â?? Your specialist for online instalment payments and sales on account. Flexible solutions for online trade with real-time approval. Here at RatePAY GmbH, we see ourselves as a company from the service sector that is specially geared to online merchants. Our products allow online merchants to provide their customers secure, custom-tailored payment methods that can be easily and quickly (without Postident) put to practical use without any additional effort. Online merchants transfer the risk of default payments to us and to our affiliated banks. At the same time, our products allow online merchants to increase their liquidity. We bring together all parties involved and take over the organisation, management and coordination of the different tasks. By doing so, we assume responsibility for efficient risk management ourselves since weâ??re experts in this field and continually work on fostering, tailoring and optimising audit and assessment methods. For other tasks such as debtor management we have engaged external service providers with longstanding experience and competence. As far as the technological side is concerned, we rely on powerful methods, tools and service providers. More information can be found in our partners section. RatePAY GmbH was founded in late 2009. We are a young and highly motivated company. Weâ??re constantly looking for the best possible innovative solutions and weâ??re open to everything. Together with the experience and expertise of our entire staff, our service providers and consultants, this is reflected in all of our products. RatePAY GmbH is part of the international operating EOS Group, a company of the Otto Group.  


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