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PayPal Receives License From Russia for Payment Business

SAN FRANCISCO | PayPal is making moves. The online payment processing service has been eyeing Russia for years and finally regulators have given PayPal the green light. The licensing provision gives PayPal the right to operate as a non-credit banking institution in Russia, furthering eBay and PayPal’s move to the fast-growing market. In a blog post, eBay said it is “happy to open up yet another domestic market, making it easier for all of our customers to buy and sell across borders.”

Foreign online stores reaching out to Russia

Foreign online stores have been actively developing the Russian market. For one, the world's leading online auction,, made its website available in Russian in April 2013, this having been timed to coincide with an advertising campaign on TV. According to an eBay source, the moves were all a part of a carefully weighed campaign to capture the Russian market.


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