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Court action: giropay vs. sofortü /

GAUTING - Court action: giropay vs. sofortü /  - Federal Cartel Office (FCO) submits its opinion: banks’ standard terms violate antitrust law


Sofortbanking (SOFORT) is a European payment method that uses an online bank transfer to get the money from the buyer to the merchant. By using SOFORT, the consumer grants 'SOFORT' access to their online banking environment to initiate the payment. Upon checkout the shopper selects his or her bank and country, provides the online banking login and confirms payment by using the bank authorisation code (as in normal online banking transactions). Merchants accepting SOFORTbanking (SOFORT) in their online shop benefit from real-time and guaranteed payments. More than 25.000 webshops accept SOFORT as a payment option. SOFORT is available in 11 European countries including Germany, UK and France. The merchant fee per SOFORT transaction is 0,9% + 0,25 eurocent in case the merchant chooses to integrate directly with SOFORT. SOFORT acceptance fees via Payment Service Providers or shopping cart systems can be different. live in the UK

MUNICH | Today, the direct money transfer system is going online in Great Britain. In doing so, is confirming its status as the international, bank-independent direct money transfer system in Europe.

Together we are stronger

The European e-commerce industry may be booming, but for goods traffic to function effectively a safe and user-friendly international payment system is required.

Sofortbanking partners SecureTrading for bank-to-bank online transfer initiative

GAUTING, Germany | Sofortbanking, a direct payment method from German Payment Network AG, is partnering with UK payment processor, SecureTrading, to enable merchants to offer their customers bank-to-bank online transfers, without registering or using a card.


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