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AstroPay is the fastest growing payments provider in Latin America, covering 12 major markets across the region.  As well as providing traditional card payment methods, we provide a wide range of guaranteed alternative payment solutions to consumers, avoiding issues like payment rejections, local taxes, fraud and credit approval.  AstroPay allows consumers to purchase online on international websites, using the most effective local payment methods in local currency.  AstroPay, a UK company operating in Latin America, offers payment solutions in markets where many popular solutions are not available, or not functioning effectively. We pride ourselves on our ease of use: simple integration and operation for our merchants; ease of use for our customers. AstroPay is already the payment method of choice for hundreds of thousands of Latin American consumers - join us, today! 


Mollie is a technology-based company that is processing payments for more then 5.000 clients as a Payment Service Provider (PSP) with the payment methods iDEAL, creditcard, Bancontact/Mister cash, PayPal, SCT, SDD and others. Mollie's business model is very mean and lean with fair and clear pricing. The services are easy and directly to use and very reliable.


Technological developments have increased dramatically over the past few years. As a result, the world around us is changing rapidly

Verotel enables Adult Merchants to Accept Bitcoin

AMSTERDAM | Verotel, high-risk payment service provider, announced it has started to accept Bitcoin payments with BitPay (, the world's leading merchant processor for virtual currencies. Verotel is a registered Payment Institute for high-risk merchants, including adult entertainment webmasters. Bitcoin can now be used to buy adult entertainment online anonymously.

Bitcoin-Central secures PSP license

PARIS | A European Bitcoin exchange says that it has secured a license to operate as a payments service provider (PSP), bringing the crypto-currency into the formal economy.

Reinforcement of Payment Service Provider Rules in China

SHANGHAI | BankersAccuity, the global standard for payment efficiency and compliance solutions, yesterday announced a seminar co-hosted with the China Centre for Anti-Money Laundering Studies. The seminar, starting today, entitled "2013: China 3rd Party Payment Anti-Money Laundering Seminar", will discuss key industry trends and challenges third-party payment service providers in China are facing.


BitPay is a Payment Service Provider (PSP) specializing in eCommerce, B2B, and enterprise solutions for virtual currencies. As the world leader in bitcoin payment processing, BitPay offers easy tools to accept bitcoin payments online or in person, with the option to receive the funds as a bank direct deposit.

2000Charge specializes in Alternative Payment Solutions. Our company was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Pasadena, California, USA. We provide a variety of solutions that covers a broad spectrum of payment methods and target markets. Whether your needs are to reduce the risk of chargebacks, have the requirement to target a specific geographic area, or if you simply wish to add more payment solutions to your website, then we are the right company for you.

Major Online Merchant to Accept Bitcoin as Payment Method

SALT LAKE CITY | Online Merchant, Inc. announced it now accepts Bitcoin as a payment method on its online shopping site. 

PayGate Co. Ltd.

PAYGATE has made growth as an internationally competitive global e-Payment enterprise through its steady growth from 1998 until now. With the start of its sole provision of the credit card payment service, PAYGATE has obtained the patents for bank-based account transfer service, mobile phone payment service, and Multi-Payment Gateway, introduced the payment method in China, Japan and Europe in consecutive order, and constructed security environment as well as performed the broad-scale conversion work on the whole infrastructure on the basis of web standard technology. As a result, PAYGATE has provided its long-term service to the world-class corporations as its client companies.  As of the year 2013, PAYGATE is making a lot of foreign currencies through online payment service; however, PAYGATE never settles for the present, but is making a challenge for much broader world markets through its endless research and development.


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