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Stripe is the best way to accept credit card payments on websites and in mobile apps. Stripe's APIs are flexible enough to support almost any payment experience; behind the scenes, Stripe takes care of the heavy lifting, from security to daily deposits to your bank account. Stripe powers payments for thousands of businesses of every size -- from start-ups to Fortune 50 companies. 

Stripe begins global payment quest with Canada expansion

SAN FRANCISCO | Online payment startup Stripe is expanding to Canada after debuting in the US last year as a simple tool for developers who want to take payments. The expansion is the first step in a plan to go global and enable payments anywhere on the Internet.

EBay’s PayPal Acquires Payments Gateway Braintree For $800M In Cash

TECHCRUNCH | Ebay’s PayPal has acquired Chicago-based payments gateway Braintree, in an all-cash deal worth $800 million. Techcrunch had originally reported that Braintree was on the block, with Square and PayPal both in acquisition talks for the company.

Stripe begins UK beta trial

LONDON | American payments start-up Stripe has made its way across the Atlantic, launching a closed UK beta ahead of a wider European rollout.

Autofill with Facebook | in-App Mobile Payments Made Easy

UNITED STATES | Facebook has officially started rolling out its new mobile payments feature  to a small group of users and at a couple of retailers.

Stripe launches in Nordics

SAN FRANCISCO | Sourced from its company blog, Stripe has pulled out of beta in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Scandinavian ecommerce merchants and developers are now able to use Stripe's easy lines of code to - almost instantly - accept card payments online. Stripe is now available in 20 countries around the globe.


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