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Veritrans Indonesia

PT Midtrans, operating as Veritrans Indonesia, is an online payment gateway dedicated to serving the Indonesian market. We are located at Midplaza 2, Sudirman, Jakarta. The company is a joint venture between Veritrans Inc, Japan's leading payment gateway,, a publicly listed Japanese eCommerce company, and Midplaza Holdings. PT Midtrans strives to provide eCommerce companies in Indonesia with the most innovative online payment solution in the market. We simplify payments for the merchants without compromising security and reliability for both the merchant and the end customers.

Online payment gateway Veritrans Indonesia to support e-commerce growth in Indonesia

PT Midtrans, operating as Veritrans Indonesia, announces that it will officially begin operations as a new online payment gateway for the Indonesian market. The service has already soft launched with Sribu (, a design marketplace, in August 2012, with KrazyMarket in September 2012, with Qeon Interactive and BerryBenka in October 2012, and it targets to add hundreds more to its payment platform over the next 12 months. PT. Midtrans is a joint venture between VeriTrans Inc., Japan’s largest payment processor,, a leading Japanese eCommerce company, and PT Mitratama Grahaguna, an Indonesia-based investment arm of Midplaza Holdings.


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