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Xsolla and ZipZap Partnership Allows Gamers to Pay for Virtual Currency with Cash

LOS ANGELES, CA | Xsolla, which offers more than 250 payment options to gaming publishers across the globe, announced today that they have partnered with ZipZap, Inc., an alternative payments company that enables cash transactions for online purchases. ZipZap's CashPayTM payment option enables those without bank accounts or credit cards to be able to pay for virtual currency in their favorite games using their extensive cash payment network, which includes over 700,000 payment centers worldwide.


Xsolla is a global billing + payment services provider specializing in online games.  Xsolla mission is to add value to game developers and publishers with the widest selection of payment methods, game-specific billing services, easy and simple integration, a robust user experience, fraud protection and chargeback management and most importantly higher paid conversions. Xsolla offers over 550 payment methods including credit and pre-paid cards, cash/e-cash, online and mobile payments, payment kiosks.  Over 1000 game developers and publishers choose Xsolla, including Valve (Steam),, Bigpoint, Aeria Games and many more.

Xsolla releases New Payment Platform for Mobile Games | Mobile PayStation 2.0

UNITED STATES | According to the latest official release by Xsolla, mobile games segment is growing faster than other segments of the video games industry. To meet the demand from game developers and satisfy the expectations of games, Xsolla updated one its best-selling products, Mobile PayStation.


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