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Yapital is Europe's first cashless cross-channel payment solution, offering in-store, mobile, online and invoice payment. Yapital is easy to use, fast and secure. After registering online, consumers will be able to use Yapital for sending and receiving money, as well as for making payments across all channels.  Yapital is a guaranteed payment method, ensuring process reliability and reducing administrative costs for merchants. Yapital's seamless integration of all retail and service channels transforms marketing channels into actual sales channels. This reduces costs for merchants and generates additional sales potential.  Yapital was founded in 2011 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Otto Group. Yapital Financial AG is licensed as an e-money institution in Luxembourg.

Yapital protecting merchants by using ReD Shield

LUXEMBOURG - LONDON | Yapital, the cross-channel payment solution, teams with ReD and integrates ReD Shield fraud prevention service to verify and protect all Yapital transactions, across channels, in real-time, and with instant detection of fraudulent activities.

PAYONE integrates mobile checkout solution Yapital


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