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Coinify ApS operates as a blockchain payment service provider with focus on extending blockchain currency payment processing and trading services to merchants and consumers respectively. Coinify serves global Payment Service Providers, online businesses, physical shops, and individuals. Coinify Merchants solution supports 17 blockchain currencies including bitcoin globally with an option to receive payouts in local currencies. Trade customers can buy and sell bitcoin using their credit card or via bank transfers in their local currency.

The company was incorporated in 2014 and is backed by a multi-million dollar capital injection from SEED Capital (funded by the Danish government) and Accelerace. Headquartered in Copenhagen,Coinify is the leading blockchain service provider (bPSP) with strong presence on the European and Asian markets.

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Herlev Hovedgade 15B, 1.
2730 Herlev
Greater Copenhagen


Main Phone NumberDenmark: +45 3693 4994
Main Fax Number




Latest company news

Coinify and iSignthis: connecting blockchain payments, KYC identity and credit cards

The strategic partnership between KYC compliance service provider iSignthis and the leading blockchain payments provider Coinify delivers service commencement of a new global product connecting blockchain payments, KYC identity & credit cards. Instant bitcoin purchases with cards

Coinify and Payssion to fuel Cryptocurrency Adoption in SouthEast Asia

Coinify and Payssion announce a partnership that will contribute to the infrastructure and fuel digital currency adoption within Southeast Asia.Coinify’s Asian ExpansionFollowing deals with the Hong Kong based financial brokerage Hello-Markets and Digix offering gold backed digital assets in Singapore, the latest partnership with Payssion will ad [...]

Coinify Merchants Can Now Accept 16 Blockchain Currencies

Coinify - the largest European blockchain payment processor - has announced the addition of 15 blockchain currencies enabling more than 10,000 merchants to accept payments in a total of 16 different blockchain currenci [...]

iSignthis provides KYC services to bitcoin provider Coinify

Highlights:iSignthis enters global Bitcoin processing market, with more than 125,000 transactions processed globally per dayDigital KYC services to be made available on all Coinify payment processing platforms, including a Bitcoin buy and sell platform Trade, from January 2016Immediate access to ~20,000 a [...]

Coinify Acquires bitcoin competitor Coinzone

Coinify announced it will be taking over the operations of Coinzone (, one of Europe's leading Bitcoin payment provider. Coinzone will bring development and volume to the table, and this new partnership will result in a number of new opportunities for customers of both platforms.

Former Head of IT at DIBS joins Coinify

DENMARK | Coinify announced new addition to the leadership team: Hamed Sattari joined Coinify as Chief Technology Officer, effective 1st June 2015. Hamed Sattari will be responsible for the technology strategy and initiatives at Coinify.DIBSHamed joins Coinify afte [...]


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