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» You start to sell products and services online.

Yes sir! You have taken the step to start selling online through your web shop or website! And you want your customers to be able to pay online? Keep focusing on building your business and let us find the best Payment Service Provider to process your online payments.

Payment Service Providers provide an internet version of a Point-of-Sale terminal, allowing you to accept different payment methods over the internet such as credit cards, bank transfers, PayPal and Bitcoin. They safely process your online payments and ensure you get paid.

Compare all local and global Payment Service Providers for free and find the one that fits your business best. Compare on credit card rates and transaction fees. Have the best start.

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» Merchants selling by phone, fax and mail order.

Your business sells goods or services over the phone or let customers process orders via fax, mail or paper. Most card processors have so-called MO/TO solutions that allows you to take credit card payments by phone and mail order.

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Merchants already accepting cards online.

You have an ecommerce business and accept credit cards online? Then it is time for you to reconsider your current card processor. Start your comparison and switch card processor for better credit card rates.

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» Merchants using Payment Service Providers.

Your online store already uses the services of a Payment Service Provider or Payment Gateway? That is perfect. Most of them already have connections to many credit card processors and allow you to easily switch card processors.

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Merchants expanding their online business

Not every card processor is able to serve the demanding needs of merchants tapping into new ecommerce markets. Cross-Border Acceptance, Authorisation and Settlement Currencies, Interchange Management and Fraud Monitoring are only a few aspects important to retailers and businesses expanding online.

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Merchants looking for high risk merchant accounts.

Some online merchants are considered 'high risk' due to the nature of their business (e.g. adult entertainment, gaming, gambling, pharmacy, foreign exchange or pc support) òr their processing history (fraud and chargeback rates). Compare high risk merchant account processors and high risk payment gateways here. Open up your high risk merchant account now.

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merchant experiences


"I used About-Payments to get proposals for the acceptance of MasterCard and Visa cards. I got feedback sooner than expected and with the right guidance. Also the service during the application and integration was OK. I would advise every company looking to take cards to use their platform to gain insight in pricing and conditions".

Maurice van den Heuvel


"Before we used the services of About-Payments, we had been processing through the same card processor for over 10 years. About-Payments really supported us throughout the application and boarding process with the new acquirer. Due to About-Payments, our costs for MasterCard and Visa card payments are now more than halved."

Dennis Meurs
Head of Finance
Aan Zee Vakantiehuizen


"About-Payments helped us to get commission rates below the 1,00%. That's more than 40% off our current rates and save us hundreds in euro's a year."

Remko Belgraver
Senior E-commerce Manager
EM-Boost and VI-Travel


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It is free.

Our service is free of charge. Even if you feel quite happy with your current card processor, is doesn't hurt to know what might be out there at no cost.

Saves you money.

We can not guarantee lower fees or rates, however from experience we know most merchants can save up to 60% on their card processing.

There is no obligation.

We do not obligate you to do anything. It is fully up to you to decide whether or not to follow up on proposals. We are to make your life easier. Not to make you feel uncomfortable.

It is easy-to-use.

Our service has been developed by payment experts knowing what information is needed and what's not. The service allows you to request quotes with just a few clicks.

Saves you time.

Do you know which card processors are available for your business and contact them yourselves? Don't waste your time, and focus on your business. Put us to work in just 2 minutes.

Your information is kept secure.

Our service uses the best security protocols (TLS) to keep your information safe and secure. We do not share information with 3rd parties without the express consent of our users.

Independent comparison.

We are no card processor ourselves, nor are we part of card processing company. So you can trust our independent comparison. It does not matter to us which card processor you choose. It does matter that we find the best deal.

Switching service.

In case you are currently accepting cards, we make sure that switching providers is not a hassle. We make sure that everything goes smoothly and you will benefit from the new rates in no time.

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