Which online payment methods to accept in Colombia?

Credit cards and cash payments are key in Colombia.

All Online Payment Methods in Colombia

E-commerce Market Profile

Find below the key stats for the Colombian ecommerce market.


Colombian Peso (COP)

Household Internet Access Rate


Internet Country Code


B2C E-commerce Market Size

850 million USD (2015 est.)

Population (+ Global Rank)

46.8 million (July 2015)

Popular Online Payment Methods

International credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), Cash payments (Via Baloto, Efecty, Banco do Bogota)

Country GDP (+ Global Rank)

$667.400.000.000 USD (#32)

National E-commerce Association(s)


GDP per capita (+ Global Rank)

$13,800 USD (#115)

Number of Payment Providers



Colombian Payment Market Overview


Colombian B2C E-commerce Market


Colombian Online Payment Method Split


About the most popular payment methods in Colombia


How to accept PSE online bank transfers in Colombia?




Credit & Debit Card Split


3D Secure Adoption


Local Card Processing


Local Market Knowledge


MasterCard and Visa Interchange Fees in Colombia


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Popular Colombian Online Payment Methods

The Colombian payment markets is dominated by card and cash payments.


Payment Service Providers able to serve merchants
targeting Colombia



HQ in Hong Kong

 Payment Methods   62
 Shopping Cart Plug-Ins   14
 Active Countries   239


HQ in Mexico

 Payment Methods   39
 Shopping Cart Plug-Ins  
 Active Countries   26


HQ in Netherlands

 Payment Methods   63
 Shopping Cart Plug-Ins   10
 Active Countries   69


HQ in Switzerland

 Payment Methods   8
 Shopping Cart Plug-Ins   18
 Active Countries   242

EBANX Payments

HQ in Brazil

 Payment Methods   24
 Shopping Cart Plug-Ins   12
 Active Countries   247


HQ in Netherlands

 Payment Methods   124
 Shopping Cart Plug-Ins   12
 Active Countries   66

BoaCompra By PagSeguro

HQ in Portugal

 Payment Methods   37
 Shopping Cart Plug-Ins   4
 Active Countries   18


HQ in Brazil

 Payment Methods   13
 Shopping Cart Plug-Ins   3
 Active Countries   242


HQ in Netherlands

 Payment Methods   83
 Shopping Cart Plug-Ins   4
 Active Countries   108


HQ in Estonia

 Payment Methods   210
 Shopping Cart Plug-Ins  
 Active Countries   249


HQ in Brazil

 Payment Methods   16
 Shopping Cart Plug-Ins   2
 Active Countries   5

allpago - accept payments in Latin America

HQ in Germany

 Payment Methods   24
 Shopping Cart Plug-Ins   1
 Active Countries   4


HQ in United States of America

 Payment Methods   22
 Shopping Cart Plug-Ins   5
 Active Countries   56


HQ in United States of America

 Payment Methods   10
 Shopping Cart Plug-Ins   60
 Active Countries   236

Klik & Pay

HQ in Switzerland

 Payment Methods   28
 Shopping Cart Plug-Ins   22
 Active Countries   158


HQ in United States of America

 Payment Methods   49
 Shopping Cart Plug-Ins   4
 Active Countries   136


HQ in United Kingdom

 Payment Methods   18
 Shopping Cart Plug-Ins   1
 Active Countries   13

CX Pay

HQ in Curaçao

 Payment Methods   44
 Shopping Cart Plug-Ins   41
 Active Countries   98

Licensed Merchant Card Acquirers in Colombia




HQ in Netherlands

 Payment Methods   124
 Shopping Cart Plug-Ins   12
 Active Countries   66

Colombian Associations and Industry Bodies

Below you can find a short description of Colombian ecommerce industry related bodies or websites that might be useful for your online business.









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