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Knowledge Base

Payment Providers

Payment Providers play a crucial role in accepting payments over the internet.

To put it very simple, they provide the 'payment terminal' that enables merchants to take cards and alternative payment methods over the internet.

About-Payments has world's largest searchable database of payment providers. Covering more than 300 providers from all over the world, we are able to offer any merchant regardless of size, industry or location one of more payment provider(s) that match their needs.

First determine the type of payment provider you are looking for. We distinguish 3 types.

Find Your Type providers

Historically Payment Service Providers or Payment Gateways were the technical connection between the merchants' webshop and banks processing the transaction. Today, many of them are licensed processing companies, operate on an international scale, and collect and settle merchant funds.

Payment Methods

Online payments could not exist without Payment Methods or Brands.

MasterCard, Visa and PayPal are probably the most accepted online payment methods in the world. Other payment methods are even more popular in their home-grown country or region like iDeal in the Netherlands and Boleto Bancario in Brazil.

As an online merchant you need to determine what payment methods to offer your online shoppers: your checkout options might impact your conversion rates! It is very important for you to understand the payment preferences of your audience and the 'reach' of a payment method.

Of course there are many other important factors: transaction costs and fees, liabilities, speed of settlement, and more.

Visit our Payment Methods section to better understand the different payment types and and to select the payment methods for your online business.


Payment Markets

People are different. Countries differ.
Also when it comes to online payments.

Some countries prefer card payments, others prefer alternative payment methods. Some ecommerce markets and regions are booming, others are seeking traction.

This Markets section of About-Payments aims to provide high level insight in the 'State of Ecommerce' for specific countries and their online payment behaviour. It outlines market characteristics like online retail sales, mobile commerce trends and popular payment methods.

It should help you to get a better understanding of differences between markets and the payment methods you would probably need to accept in your webshop.

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Alternative Payments Gain More and More Traction Around the Globe.
They will rise to 59% marketshare in 2017 from 43% in 2012.



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Marketplace allows every ecommerce merchant to compare the best online credit card processors, to learn more about how to accept credit card payments online and about the benefits of accepting cards over the internet, by phone or fax.

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