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Are you looking to accept online payments for your webshop?
Does your online business model require an online checkout with payment processing?
Or are you looking to take online payments in your new mobile app or client's website?

ABOUT-PAYMENTS is here to help you to
find the right payment service provider
for your webshop, online checkout and in-app payments

Free of charge.


Accept payments online in your webshop

Are you looking to start selling online and take payments in your soon-to-launch or renewed webshop? Or are you looking to expand your online operations and enter into new markets or geographies?

Regardless your driver(s) to accept payments online, we are here to help. Based upon your specific business needs, we will match only the most relevant Payment Service Providers for your business from our +500 database of online payment providers.

Save lots of time and money and let us do our magic. Put our payment experts to work. And recieve custom pricing proposals from payment service providers matched to and interested in your business.

Compare, select and start processing.
See how it works.

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Accept payments in your online business proces

Nowadays more and more profit and non-profit businesses and organisations switch to online business processes to serve the changing and demanding needs of their B2C or B2B customers. Besides customer demand, there is also a drive for efficiency and scalability of services.

More often these online business processes do include a final step where the customer should be able to pay online for an order, registration, reservation or for their bills or invoices. And that's where complexity starts.

Which Payment Service Provider should you choose for this business critical process? Which online payment provider is able to process the right set of payment methods to prevent customer drop offs? Which one provides reporting for both your customer services team and your finance department? etc. etc.

Use our payment experts' knowledge and our +500 network of Payment Service Providers to find the right one(s) for your business in a time and cost-effective way. Our service - free of charge - works perfect to get your first short list of Payment Service Providers. Then it is up to you - in direct negotiations with the payment processing companies - to compare, select and start integration. We will be there along the way to support you.

Put our payment experts to work.
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Accept payments in your app

Are you looking to accept online payments in your iOS or Android app? Want to integrate Google Pay™, Apple Pay and other local payment methods in your app-checkout?  

Use our payment experts' knowledge and our +500 network of Payment Service Providers to find the best payment service provider to process your app payments.

Our service - free of charge - works perfect to get your first short list of Payment Service Providers. Then is up to you - in direct negotiations with the payment processing companies - to compare, select and start integration. We will be there along the way to support you.

Put our payment experts to work.
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Accept specific online payment methods?

Every country has its payment culture and methods.
iDEAL is the preferred means of online payment for Dutch shoppers, Bancontact for Belgians, Boleto for Brazilians.

So your online payment options determine if your shopper becomes a buyer.

Understand which payment methods you should offer to make the sale. Navigate through the profiles of e-commerce markets and find all popular online payment methods per country.

At the same time you can see a selection of Payment Service Providers per country who can help you to accept local payment methods online.

You can always choose to use our free of charge service to find the best Payment Service Provider for your webshop, checkout or app.

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Accept payments through specific types of integration (shopping carts, ERP software, coding languages)

We distinguish three (3) different type of integration options to embed payment acceptance and processing in your webshop, checkout or app:

1. through a shopping cart solution
2. through a ERP or corporate business planning software
3. through specific programming code (for developers)

Ad 1. Shopping Cart Software

Often smaller and medium sized webshops use standard shopping cart software to run their shop online. Worldwide well-known e-commerce shopping tools include platforms such as Magento, Prestashop, BigcommerceShopify, WooCommerce and WIX. They are known to empower e-commerce entrepreneurs and small businesses to easily built and maintain an e-commerce shop at low cost. When it comes to taking payments, they might offer one or more standard payment solutions.

Our service makes life easier by simply indicating only relevant payment providers. Ones that can accept you as a business (product, service, market span) and who are able to connect with the shopping cart you are using. Click here to find out which Payment Service Providers can help you to accept payments through e-commerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce and WIX.

Ad 2. ERP or corporate business planning software

Larger merchants and corporate businesses often use Enterprise software applications like Netsuite, Sage, Salesforce, SAP Commerce (Hybris) or Microsoft Dynamics.

Once the decision is made to integrate payment acceptance into these ERP platforms, it is of great importance to understand which Payment Service Providers are qualified. Which one(s) have the capacity, up-time, payment mix, financial reporting, knowledge and know-how to integrate payment processing for the corporations' specific markets and growth ambitions?

Our service - free of charge - works perfect to get your first selection of Payment Service Providers suited to deliver the payments add-on to your ERP platform.
Start here »

Ad 3. Specific programming code

As a web or app developer you are only interested in Payment Service Providers talking your language.

For you it is important to know which Payment Service Providers and payment gateways could be integrated by using programming language as Java, Python, j-son and ruby-on-rails. Use our free-of-charge service to find out the ones are fit for you or your client's ambitions in terms of payment method offering, market span, pricing and services, and equally or even more important, support your coding.

Click here to see how our service works.

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Okay. You consider to use our services.
Here is why you should no longer hesitate.

It is free.

Our service is free of charge for merchants and business like yours. Find out which Payment Service Providers are suited for your business ánd eager to accept you as a customer.

Saves you money.

We know most merchants save costs on their payment processing by comparison of multiple Payment Service Providers.

There is no obligation.

We do not obligate you to do anything. It is fully up to you to decide whether or not to follow up with interested Payment Service Providers. We are to make your life easier. Not to make you feel uncomfortable.

It is easy-to-use.

Our service has been developed by payment experts knowing what information is needed and what's not. With just a few clicks you're done.

Saves you time.

Do you know which providers are available and suited for your online business? Don't waste your time, and focus on your business. Put us to work in just a few clicks.

Your information is kept secure.

Our service uses the best security protocols (TLS) to keep your information safe and secure. We do not share information with 3rd parties without your express consent.

It's all about the best match.

We are no provider ourselves, nor are we part of payment processing company. So it does not matter to us which provider you choose. It does matter that we find you the best match.

This is a unique service.

Our free-of-charge matching service and network of over 100 participating Payment Service Providers is truly unique. You won't find this anywhere else.

merchant experiences


"Thank you for what you guys do for start-ups and SME’s. You have no idea how hard it is for thriving small businesses to obtain these kind of services in the real world."



"ABOUT-PAYMENTS helped us finding a payment service provider that matches our needs for local payment methods. They have deep insights in the payment industry + they prepared everything needed for us to make a decision. We give them a 100% rating! And on top of everything: They are really nice guys!"

Carsten Schmidt
CEO Skatepro


"ABOUT-PAYMENTS helped us to get several proposals from credit cards acquirers from all over the world. We found a good cooperation with one of the companies. These guys are involved, helpful and trustful."

M. Hartman
Hartman Cigars


People are different. Countries differ. Also when it comes to online payments.
Some countries prefer card payments, others prefer alternative payment methods.
Note that your payment options determine if a shopper becomes a buyer.

This section of ABOUT-PAYMENTS provides insight in online payment preferences for specific countries.
It outlines key market characteristics and popular online payment methods.

Click on the market 'box' below to enter that specific market page.

If you follow us, we like it.

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