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Tell us about your business

Easily complete our intake form. This allows us to understand your business and needs.

Confirm your intake and trigger our payment experts to review your business profile. 


We will match relevant providers

We will match up to 10 relevant payment service providers out of database of over 500 providers. We will check if they are interested to onboard your business.


Providers respond with a custom offer

Interested providers will seek contact and come up with a custom offer. You decide on next steps.

All is free of charge.



Are you a start-up or already selling online?
Looking to accept new payment methods for new markets?
Or looking for to replace your current Payment Service Provider?

About-Payments is here to help you to accept payments online and
find the best payment service provider for your online business.


Compare Payment Service Providers for free.

Save time and money. Recieve custom pricing proposals from payment service providers matched to your business profile. Compare for free, select and start processing. Done within one minute.

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Find a specific payment service provider.

Use the Provider Directory to navigate through world's largest listing of over 500 payment service providers. Find the ones that can easily integrate with your shopping cart and provide the right set of payment methods. Instantly request a custom made pricing offer.

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Find a specific online payment method.

Use our Methods Directory to navigate through over 200 online payment methods and solutions used across the world. See which payment service provider support the specific payment method you are looking for.

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Which online payment methods to accept?

Every country has its payment culture. Navigate through the profiles of e-commerce markets and find the popular online payment methods per country.

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Increase your knowledge.

Better understand the world of online payments. Learn more on how to accept payments online and what to take into consideration when searching for a Payment Service Provider.

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Okay. You consider to use our services.
Here is why you should no longer hesitate.

It is free.

Our service is free of charge. Even if you feel quite happy with your provider, is doesn't hurt to know what might be out there at no cost.

Saves you money.

We can not guarantee lower fees or rates, however from experience we know most merchants can save up to 60% on their payment processing.

There is no obligation.

We do not obligate you to do anything. It is fully up to you to decide whether or not to follow up on proposals. We are to make your life easier. Not to make you feel uncomfortable.

It is easy-to-use.

Our service has been developed by payment experts knowing what information is needed and what's not. The service allows you to request quotes with just a few clicks.

Saves you time.

Do you know which providers are available for your business and contact them yourselves? Don't waste your time, and focus on your business. Put us to work in just 2 minutes.

Your information is kept secure.

Our service uses the best security protocols (TLS) to keep your information safe and secure. We do not share information with 3rd parties without the express consent of our users.

Independent comparison.

We are no provider ourselves, nor are we part of payment processing company. So you can trust our independent comparison. It does not matter to us which provider you choose. It does matter that we find you the best deal.

Switching service.

In case you are currently accepting cards, we make sure that switching providers is not a hassle. We make sure that everything goes smoothly and you will benefit from the new rates in no time.

merchant experiences


"I used About-Payments to get proposals for the acceptance of MasterCard and Visa cards. I got feedback sooner than expected and with the right guidance. Also the service during the application and integration was OK. I would advise every company looking to take cards to use their platform to gain insight in pricing and conditions".

Maurice van den Heuvel


"Before we used the services of About-Payments, we had been processing through the same card processor for over 10 years. About-Payments really supported us throughout the application and boarding process with the new acquirer. Due to About-Payments, our costs for MasterCard and Visa card payments are now more than halved."

Dennis Meurs
Head of Finance
Aan Zee Vakantiehuizen


"About-Payments helped us to get commission rates below the 1,00%. That's more than 40% off our current rates and save us hundreds in euro's a year."

Remko Belgraver
Senior E-commerce Manager
EM-Boost and VI-Travel

Payment Market Profiles

Enter the market profiles to see how they are performing, what the popular checkout methods are, who can help with accepting card and alternative payments and who is looking after online merchants.

Expect more country profiles to come in the upcoming months.
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