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Compare Payment Service Providers for free.

Save time and money. Recieve custom pricing proposals from payment service providers matched to your business profile. Compare for free, select and start processing. Done within one minute.

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Find a specific payment service provider.

Use the Provider Directory to navigate through world's largest listing of over 500 payment service providers. Find the ones that can easily integrate with your shopping cart and provide the right set of payment methods. Instantly request a custom made pricing offer.

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Find a specific online payment method.

Use our Methods Directory to navigate through over 200 online payment methods and solutions used across the world. See which payment service provider support the specific payment method you are looking for.

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Which online payment methods to accept?

Every country has its payment culture. Navigate through the profiles of e-commerce markets and find the popular online payment methods per country.

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Increase your knowledge.

Better understand the world of online payments. Learn more on how to accept payments online and what to take into consideration when searching for a Payment Service Provider.

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Find the best payment providers for your business

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Knowledge Base

Make well-informed decisions.

We prepared easy-to-read articles in our 'Knowledge Base' to increase your knowledge and better understand the world of online payments.

Learn more on how to accept payments online, how to combat fraud and chargebacks, which online payment methods to accept and what to look for in a payment service provider.

By sharing our knowledge we try to help you making the right choices.

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Provider Directory

Here you can find all Payment Service Providers around the globe.

These Payment Service Providers enable businesses to accept multiple payment methods online.

Our directory has over 500 profiles outlining the payment methods, integration methods and market coverage per provider.

Start your own comparison of Payment Service Providers, or use the 'find the best payment service provider' option where we help you for free.

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Payment Service Providers provide a virtual Point-of-Sale (POS) payment terminal to internet businesses and merchants. These digital version of a POS terminal allows consumers to pay online using their preferred type of payment method (credit card, bank transfer, e-wallet, bitcoin, etc.).


Here you can find all online payment methods used around the globe.

These payment methods, like MasterCard, PayPal and Bitcoin, allow consumers and businesses to pay for their online purchases.

Our directory has over 200 payment method profiles outlining how they work and in which markets can be used.

Start you search and see which Payment Service Providers support a particular payment method you are looking for.



The Markets Directory outlines interesting e-commerce market facts and the popular online payment methods per country.

Your online payment options determine if your visitors and shoppers become buyers.

There are great differences in payment behaviour across the world, so you need to understand which online payment methods to accept per country.

For your ease we have also included which payment service providers can help you entering specific markets.


Alternative Payments gain more and more traction around the globe.
They will rise to 59% marketshare in 2017 from 43% in 2012.

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