Which online payment methods to accept in Switzerland?

In Switzerland the key online payment methods are creditcards (MasterCard, VISA, American Express), PayPal, SOFORT and Klarna or RatePay.

A new mobile payment app, powered by PostFinance, is on the rise. This payment app or brand is called Twint. Also growing in importance are Apple Pay and Google Pay as more and more purchases are done through mobile devices.

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E-commerce Market Profile

Find below the key stats for the Swish ecommerce market.
Here you can find the most popular online payment methods in Switzerland.

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Swiss Franc (CHF)

Household Internet Access Rate

77% (2020)

Internet Country Code


B2C E-commerce Market Size

estimated 6.2 billion USD (2020)

Population (+ Global Rank)

8.4 million (2020) (#100)

Online Payment Methods

MasterCard, VISA, PayPal, SOFORT, Klarna, RatePay, Twint, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay

Country GDP (+ Global Rank)

$523,100,000,000 (#39)

National E-commerce Association(s)

Netcomm Suisse

GDP per capita (+ Global rank)

$62,100 (#17)

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Number of Payment Providers


Online Payment Methods in Switzerland

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Selection of Payment Service Providers | Switzerland

Below a selection of Payment Service Providers that can help you to accept payments online in Switzerland.
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Main office: United Kingdom

 Payment Methods   49
 Shopping Cart Plug-Ins   14
 Active Countries   110

Nuvei (formerly SafeCharge)

Main office: Canada

 Payment Methods   148
 Shopping Cart Plug-Ins   5
 Active Countries   241

Mollie DACH

Main office: Germany

 Payment Methods   31
 Shopping Cart Plug-Ins   28
 Active Countries   49


Main office: Germany

 Payment Methods   90
 Shopping Cart Plug-Ins   27
 Active Countries   74

Trust Payments

Main office: Malta

 Payment Methods   6
 Shopping Cart Plug-Ins  
 Active Countries   51

Ingenico ePayments

Main office: Netherlands

 Payment Methods   48
 Shopping Cart Plug-Ins   68
 Active Countries   84


Main office: Netherlands

 Payment Methods   124
 Shopping Cart Plug-Ins   12
 Active Countries   78


Main office: France

 Payment Methods   29
 Shopping Cart Plug-Ins   25
 Active Countries   30


Main office: United Kingdom

 Payment Methods   42
 Shopping Cart Plug-Ins   1
 Active Countries   66


Main office: United States of America

 Payment Methods   9
 Shopping Cart Plug-Ins   14
 Active Countries   61


Main office: Switzerland

 Payment Methods   24
 Shopping Cart Plug-Ins   18
 Active Countries   15

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