Your payment options determine
if a shopper becomes a buyer.

Know which payment methods you should offer to make the sale.


People are different. Countries differ. Also when it comes to online payments.
Some countries are driven by card payments, others by alternative local payment methods. Click on the market 'box' below to enter that specific market page. You can find market characteristics and popular online payment methods per e-commerce market.

Are you looking to accept payments online or searching for an alternative for PayPal, Stripe or your current provider? Let us help you.
We find the right payment service providers suited for your products or services and target markets.  

In 2022, consumers in the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark) spend 80 billion euros online. A quantum leap of eight billion euros compared to 2018.

Sourced from 'Nordic e-commerce 2023 report' from DIBS by NETS.

Which online payment methods
to accept per country?

People are different. Countries differ. Also when it comes to online payments.
Some countries prefer card payments, others prefer alternative payment methods.
Your payment method offering determines if a shopper becomes an actual buyer.

This section of ABOUT-PAYMENTS aims to provide insight in online payment preferences for specific countries.
It outlines market characteristics like online retail sales, mobile commerce trends and popular online payment methods.

To make life easier we have included which payment service providers conduct business locally
and support online merchants for the acceptance of local payment methods.


For online merchants it is important to deeply understand the market(s) they are operating in or want to expand their business to. One of the obvious key factors to take into consideration is market size and growth potential to project chance of success and potential revenue.

For every ecommerce market that is highlighted in this Markets section we provide a high level profile with key statistics on the state of ecommerce, like the total online (retail) sales and internet access rates. A more comprehensive description walks you through the different characteristics of each ecommerce market.


Know your markets. Know the preferred payment methods for the country or markets you are active in, or that are on your list for future expansion.

Do not miss out on selling your goods and attract new customers by not offering the right payment options.

Do they prefer card or alternative payment methods? Do they prefer to use a Pre- or After Delivery Payment Method? See for the listed countries what the popular payment methods are.


The country profiles contain information on the Payment Service Providers, Payment Gateways and Acquirers that are active in that particular market.

PSPs and Gateways provide the ‘technical hub’ for eCommerce merchants to local and international payment methods. They 'sit' between the merchant's checkout page and the financial institution or bank (=Acquirers) that processes the transaction. Acquirers pay out the merchants directly, via the PSP or Payment Gateway.

Depending on the payment provider type they 'route' transactions, collect funds from and negotiate transaction pricing with the Merchant Acquirer. For more information on the different payment provider types visit our Provider section on ABOUT-PAYMENTS.


Some countries or regions have ecommerce associations that look after the interests of online merchants and suppliers.

Some of these ecommerce governing associations have instated a branche-wide label that assures consumers they are are dealing with a trustworthy online merchant. Merchants looking for certification need to comply to specific rules & regulations related to the protection of consumer rights.

These associations can guide start-ups and merchants entering from abroad by providing more in-depth market knowledge and provide access to a great network of ecommerce experts and industry related events.

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