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Welcome to the website of About-Payments.com B.V. (hereafter “About-Payments,” “we,” or “us”). This page explains the terms by which you can use our online services and software (collectively the “Service”) as provided by About-Payments.

By accessing or using the Service, you signify that you have read, understood, and agree to these Terms and Conditions (“Agreement”). This Agreement applies to all visitors, users, and others who use the Service (“Users”).

About The Company

The About-Payments.com website is fully owned and operated by About-Payments.com B.V., registered as “Besloten Vennootschap” (Limited Company) at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce with registration number 55845959. Our registered address is Middenburcht 136, 3452 MT, Vleuten, The Netherlands.

About-Payments’ aim is to create transparency in the online payments industry by educating merchants and helping them to find, compare and select the payment methods and payment service providers that serve their needs.

About the Service

About-Payments provides a Service for merchants and online businesses to find payment processing companies (hereafter “payment providers or providers”) for their business. Our Service allows them to create a business profile, which allows our Service and payment experts to find matching providers. The Service strictly allows businesses to request and receive proposals from matched and selected payment providers. These payment providers allow businesses to accept electronic payments either remotely (internet and/or via mail, phone, fax, paper) and/or by means of a device (e.g. Point-of-Sale payment terminal).

The Service does not entail in any way advice or giving recommendations on which provider(s) to choose. Our Service is fully independent and in no way influenced or compromised by agreements we hold with the providers. Our Service is free for our Users. About-Payments receives a commission from the providers participating in the Service and only when they are selected by a User, and the User enters into an agreement with the provider(s).

User Responsibilities

The user is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided to About-Payments. The user must understand that our matching software uses the information provided by the user to find the appropriate payment provider(s).

The user must understand that About-Payments is not a party in case the user decides to engage with one or more providers, resulting from comparison through our Service. In those instances, the user enters into an agreement with the applicable provider(s) and is responsible for reading and agreeing to the provider’s terms and conditions.

Users, provided with a user name, password or any other piece of information as part of our security procedures, must treat such information as confidential, and must not disclose it to any third party.

About-Payments liability

About-Payments is not responsible or accountable for:

1) any losses you suffer because the information you input to our website is inaccurate or incomplete; or

2) any losses you suffer because the About-Payments website or Marketplace software is not available or working adequately; or

3) any losses you may suffer by relying on any content or postings throughout our website, or due to errors or omissions in our website or Service; or

4) any loss or damage caused by viruses or other technologically harmful material that may infect your computer equipment, computer programs, data or other proprietary material due to your use of our website; or

5) the privacy policies and practices of other linked third party websites, even if you access them using links from our website. Any unauthorised access or loss of personal information that is beyond our control; or

6) any losses you suffer if the rates and/or conditions sourced by About-Payments differ from the rates and/or conditions proposed through our Service, and/or contractually agreed upon with the provider(s); or in case rates and/or conditions with the provider(s) are changed during the agreement.

Use of Our Service

We reserve the right to withdraw or amend the Service we provide on our website without notice. We may restrict or deny access for our users to some parts of our website, or our entire website. We reserve the right to take legal action against any person or company who uses our website and/or Service in any other unauthorised manner. This includes (but is not limited to) breach of copyright, processing multiple proposal requests for other customers or companies, and other companies checking rates and conditions against those presented on our website.

Data Protection & Privacy

About-Payments takes privacy and security of your personal information entered on our website very seriously. In order to provide our Service we need to collect and store personal and business information and disclose such information only to the providers selected by our system or expert. By giving your consent to these Terms and Conditions, About-Payments is allowed to collect, store, and process your business information to selected providers. We will not disclose any of your information to other parties without your explicit permission, unless we are legally required to do so. You understand that About-Payments could use your data for its own research, marketing and customer services activities. By using our website and/or Service you give us permission to use your data for these purposes.


These Terms and Conditions are subject to Dutch law and to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Dutch courts.


About-Payments reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions at any time. The amended terms will be effective from the date they are posted on our website.


If you have a complaint please email us at contact@about-payments.com and we will investigate accordingly.

About-Payments, Terms & Conditions, November 22nd, 2022

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