Simplify checkouts with credit cards.

Credit cards - world no.1 online payment method - provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers and - in return - more turnover for your online business.

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The benefits of
accepting credit card payments.

Below you can find all benefits of accepting credit cards on your website, via Mail Order or Telephone Order.
Learn why MasterCard and Visa credit cards should be amongst your online payment options.
Simplify checkouts for your customers and ensure you get paid.

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World's most popular online payment method.

Despite competition from alternative payment methods like PayPal and more local payment options, credit cards like MasterCard and Visa are still the number one payment method for internet purchases or in-app payments. 

Potential reach 4.5 billion cards.

With the acceptance of only two brands your business opens up to more than 2 billion MasterCard cards, and around 2.5 billion Visa cards (including the brands MasterCard Debit, Maestro, Visa Electron, Visa Debit and V PAY).

Instant payment confirmation.

Credit card transactions are instantly approved by the shopper's bank. You receive immediate confirmation which allows you to capture the deal at the moment of truth and process orders the same day. 

Ready for international e-commerce.

There is no such payment method on the internet with such global reach. With only one contract your ecommerce shop is able to take payments from both shoppers in your home country and from abroad.

More payment convenience.

Credit cards - providing an instant credit line to shoppers and spending power - provide shopping convenience and ease-to-mind. Credit cards are also known for their loyalty or cash-back programmes driving their usage both in-store and online.

More sales.

By providing the right set of payment methods you increase the likelihood that a shopper becomes a buyer. No abandoned shopping carts because everyone who likes to pay with credit card can actually pay by card.

Even more convenience for returning shoppers.

Credit cards provide an even more swift and simplified checkout to returning customers. Shoppers who have paid once before can checkout without the need to enter their full card details upon every order. This will definitely speed up payment and enhance the whole online and mobile shopping experience.

Excellent for memberships and subscriptions.

Credit cards are well suited to process payments for subscription and membership fees. Contrary to other payment methods, creditcards allow you to automatically charge fees on an agreed timeframe.

For selling on account or per invoice.

Do you offer your customers the option to order on account and pay per invoice? Credit cards allow you to charge the outstanding amount without the need for customer involvement. You are able to determine when the account will be billed and when you receive your money.

Instant payment by telesales (phone order).

Credit cards also help you to make a direct payment for goods or services ordered over the phone or fax. You are able to process the credit card payment yourselves and to instantly process the order or provide services paid for.

Solid back-up.

Sometimes other online payment options are not as reliable as they should. When there is a outage - for example with online banking - your customers are not able to pay. Credit cards come to the rescue, prevent a frustrating and brand damaging shopper experience, and guarantee sales for your business.

Customer-friendly return of payment.

In case products are being returned, you are able to refund the money with just one push on the button. Your customer instantly receives the amount back on their credit card. No administrative hassle and a happy customer.

Save up to 50% on your credit card fees.
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Credit cards like MasterCard and Visa are still the number one payment method for internet purchases or in-app payments.

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