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Some online merchants are considered 'high risk' in the eyes of credit card processors.

It can be difficult to get a merchant account and to accept card payments. We are here to help out.

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Online merchants with specific products, services or processing history can be considered as 'high risk merchants'.
They might have difficulties in finding an online high risk credit card processor to accept credit cards online.

Our service is to make life easier by comparison of high risk merchant account providers and high risk payment gateways.
We also help high risk merchants with their application for a MasterCard and Visa merchant account.

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Tech support merchants.

Merchants providing online technical support (pc support) to consumers and business, are considered to be high risk merchants due to their increased fraud and chargeback risk.

Remote repair of computer devices like desktops and laptops apparently increases the risk of unhappy consumers whose issues might not have been solved correctly or entirely.

Merchants (also from India) who are looking for a pc support merchant account can use our comparison service to see which credit card processor is willing to take them onboard.

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Online gaming and gambling merchants.

Both gaming and gambling merchants are considered high risk merchants in the eyes of MasterCard and Visa. Not only in terms of potential fraud and chargebacks, but also in terms of the legality of the service.

Especially online casino, poker and betting merchants are deemed risky and complex for card processors. As a consequence, only few processor offer the option to open up a merchant account for the processing of online gambling and gaming payments.

Our service allows online gaming or gambling merchants to apply for a credit card merchant account with processors who have appetite in their business and are able to meet their demanding needs.

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Adult and dating merchants.

Online merchants who offer adult (sex related) or dating services have been known for generating high levels of ('friendly') fraud and chargebacks. Without 3D-secure and the sophisticated fraud prevention tools that are out there today, these merchants had a great chance of exceeding the fraud and chargeback thresholds as defined by MasterCard and Visa.

Due to the risk of getting non-compliance fines, most credit card processors do not accept applications for the processing of adult or dating related credit card payments.

Our service allows these merchants to find a high risk merchant account with an adult payments processor and who has the experience to guarantee a long-lasting processing relationship.

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Pharmacy and nutra merchants.

Merchants selling (non-) prescription drugs, vitamins or food supplements might be the ones facing the most severe and complex local and international rules when it comes to cross-border trade. As a result, it is hard to find credit card processors who are willing to take the risk of non-compliance and potentially severe fines from MasterCard and Visa.

Complexity arises when legislation to the buyer differs from the rules and regulations that apply to the seller. Take marijuana or nutrients for example. In some country or jurisdictions it might be legal to sell, in another it might be not. 

Not every card processor is willing to take the risks associated with online selling of drugs and nutrients. Our service allows pharma and nutra merchants to find their credit card processor and open up a merchant account to accept credit card payments online.

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Foreign exchange and financial services merchants.

Online merchants who are looking for a merchant account to process credit card payments related to foreign exchange (forex), debt collections, payday loans or binary options, might have some trouble in finding one.

Forex and Binary Options merchants - due to their speculative and risky nature - are known to generate ('friendly') fraud and chargebacks and increase risk in a credit card processor's portfolio. Online debt collection agencies and payday loan merchants are equally considered as 'high risk' due to their chargeback risk.

Not every credit card processor is willing to take the risks associated with these types of high risk merchant accounts. Our comparison service is to help out.

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Merchants with bad processing history.

Some online merchants might have experienced high levels of credit card fraud and chargebacks in the past. Often due to unawareness of such risks and most often unguided by their credit card processors or gateway on how to combat card-not-present fraud.

Exceeding fraud and chargeback levels as dictated by MasterCard and Visa, often ends up in one-sided termination of the merchant agreement. The merchant often is penalised with holding back of funds and substantial fines. Moreover, the merchant is marked as a 'bad merchant' and might have problems finding a new credit card processor.

Our service allows these merchants to apply for a new credit card merchant account with processors who are still open for merchants with bad processing history.

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Compare the best high risk credit card processors.
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