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Founded in 2002, eMerchantPay is a reliable payment partner whose outstanding processing solutions and risk management tools enable you to increase your conversion ratio and prevent fraud. 

In addition to our multi-currency platform with 150+ transaction currencies, we offer various payment methods without any upfront costs to accept them on your web site: international and local cards, bank transfers, prepaid cards, e-wallets, mobile payments, etc. Through our customised solutions your customers can pay in their preferred language, currency and means of payment.

eMerchantPay has solid experience in developing top quality fraud-scrubbing techniques to prevent cyber-crime and revenue loss. We utilise a Level 1 PCI DSS compliant gateway and ensure that payment data undergoes robust security checks. Our ISO 9001:2008 and 27001:2005 certifications recognise our compliance with the best industry practices and information security standards.


Tyne and Wear

Tyne and Wear
United Kingdom


Main Phone Number+44 800 088 7624
Main Fax Number


Latest company news

10 Things about Cross-Border E-commerce in China | Blog

From dominating the Silk Route to ruling the Electronic Highway. In this final part of their tetralogy on cross-border e-commerce, eMerchantPay takes [...]

Risk & Fraud Management in the Online Payment Industry | eMerchantPay white paper

Risk and fraud management challenges within the payment industryAccepting credit card payments has been a growing necessity for merchants over the past few decades. eMerchantPay has noticed a steady shift from Card Present (CP) to Card Not Present (CNP [...]

eMerchantPay releases Global Video Gaming Report

AMSTERDAM | eMerchantPay released a report about the global video gaming industry. In the Global Video Gaming Report 2014 eMerchantPay maps this huge global market and presents useful information about its current situation, contributors, trends and future expectations. A r [...]

eMerchantPay connects with UATP for airline ticket processing

AMSTERDAM | Payment Service Provider eMerchantPay has partnered with UATP - a low cost payment network that enables corporate travel companies to make online payments to book for airline tickets. eMerchantPay is now able to offer UATP payment processing to all existing and new UATP merchants in the travel segment. UATP processing services eMerchantPay has successfully concluded a [...]

10 things you need to know about cross-border e-commerce | eMerchantPay Blog

Blog | eMerchantPay - a global payment service provider - has come up with interesting blog on the 10 things merchants should know about trading online and across borders. They have put together a list of what they feel is paramount for any merchant to know when thinking about expanding their business internationally. Below you can find the link to the full eMerchantPay blog.

eMerchantPay opens office in Amsterdam

AMSTERDAM | eMerchantPay, one of the international payment processors for e-commerce, alternative payment solutions, recurring bill payments, virtual terminals and more is branching out. eMerchantPay recently opened a new office in the city centre of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. eMerchantPay eMerchantPay provides online payment services to online international merchants and proc [...]


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