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Payment Service Providers help merchants
to accept payments online.

Payment Service Providers offer ecommerce merchants one single interface
to one or more online payment methods.

They help ecommerce merchants and businesses like yours to accept credit cards,
alternative payment methods (bank transfers, direct debits) and digital wallets (e.g. MasterPass, Visa Checkout).

Which provider fits your business depends on your specific situation and requirements.

About-Payments distinguishes 3 types of Payment Service Providers: Distributors, Collectors, and Aggregators.
They all help you to easily accept payments online, however...
differ when it comes to payout, fees and contracting.


A Distributor delivers one single interface to one or more online payment methods.

You need to contract the bank or financial institution and negotiate commission rates, fees and payout terms.



A Collector delivers one single interface to one or more payment methods, does collect payouts on your behalf but does not set commission rates or fees.

They enable you to streamline payout for different payment methods (cards, bank transfers, wallets).



An Aggregator delivers one single interface to one or more payment methods, collects the payouts and contracts with banks or financial institution.

You only would need to contract with the Aggregator. They set your transaction fees.




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Typically Payment Providers use a Software as a service model (SaaS) and form a single technical gateway for their merchants to multiple payment methods.


Distributing Payment Service Providers take over the technical burden for ecommerce merchants to accept payments. Distributors build and maintain the connection to many payment methods (cards and alternatives).

Your shop would only need to connect to one Distributor to be able to accept several payment methods. We consider Payment Gateways also to be Distributors, generally supporting only one or two payment types.

Distributors do not collect the funds related to different payment methods. Merchants are paid directly by the financial institution that process their card and alternative payments (=acquirer).

Especially for merchants offering only a few payment options or capable of handling their own reconciliation, Distributors can help.

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Collecting Payment Service Providers make life easier for merchants by streamlining settlement for all accepted payment methods.

They combine all payments performed by card or alternative method into one settlement. You receive all payments in one batch to your bank account and get great reporting that simplifies payment reconciliation.

Without using a collector, merchants would receive separate settlements for every payment method they accept in their shop. Settlements for payment methods differ in frequency and delay. Managing the reconciliation (matching orders with received settlements) could be a time-consuming and costly process.

When it comes to negotiating transaction fees and contracting, the merchants remains in the driver seat. Collectors do not play a role in fee negotiation or contracting with merchant acquirers.

Especially for merchants offering lots of payment options to serve their (cross-border) audience, Collectors can help.

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Collecting Providers based in Europe require a license as Payment Institute which ensures user-friendliness, safety, and efficiency of payments throughout the European Union.


Aggregating Payment Service Providers take over the technical burden for ecommerce merchants to accept payments, collect the funds for several payment methods and contract with the individual 'payment methods'.

The difference with Collectors is that Aggregators contract with the payment method company on behalf of multiple merchants. There is no need for merchants to negotiate transaction prices or contract with the financial institution that processes the payment method (the Acquirers).

The difference with Distributors is that Aggregators also collect funds, settle the merchant's bank account and negotiate the terms with the payment method company.

Especially for merchants offering only few payment options and prefer not to contract with payment method companies (financial institutions, banks), Aggregators can help.

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Acquirers are the 'Payment Method Companies'.
They are banks or financial institutions that represent one or more online payment methods (e.g MasterCard, Visa, Interac, iDeal).
About-Payments divides these Acquirers into two segments: card acquirers and alternative acquirers.
They actually process transactions and settle funds to merchants.

Payment Service Providers core function is to connect webshops to these Acquirers for transaction processing.

Acquirers differ in transaction fees, merchant discount rates, terms and conditions and value-added service.
Do not forget to check out our Marketplace, where you can compare Europe's best card acquirers who can help you to accept credit card payments online.


A Card Acquirer also known as a Merchant Acquirer or Acquiring Bank provides online Merchants with a merchant account to accept the major credit and debit card brands such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB and UnionPay.

These card brands have licensed the processing (authorization and settlement) of card payments out to Card Acquirers around the world. Each of these Card Acquirers operate in a specific region which can be domestically or cross-border. About-Payments provides a database of these Card Acquirers around the world.

The About-Payments Marketplace helps merchants to compare merchant acquirers and online credit card processing companies. Through our easy-to-use Marketplace, ecommerce merchants and online business are able to find the best credit card fees, processing features and acceptance conditions. The Marketplace service is free of charge to online merchants.

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Alternative Acquirers are Acquirers for other Payment Methods than cards. There are various Payment Methods around the world where the processing of the actual payments is handled by Acquiring parties.

For example iDEAL in The Netherlands where the participating banks act as the Acquirer and merchants need to have an agreement with one of these Acquirers to be able to accept iDEAL as an online payment method in their ecommerce shop.

Merchants can also use a Collecting or Aggregating Payment Provider which allows them to only contract the Payment Service Provider for the acceptance of the alternative payment method.

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More and more Payment Providers become a Principal Member of the Card Schemes enabling them to offer Acquiring Services directly to Merchants. Recent examples are Adyen, Allied Wallet and eMerchantPay.

If you follow us, we like it.

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