South Africa, 2015-06-02

Mondato Summit Africa | 2-3 June 2015


Making Way for Mobile Finance and Commerce in Africa

Built upon a foundation of airtime transfers and person-to-person money remittances, an emerging second generation of Mobile Finance and Commerce (MFC) propositions look set to transform Africa’s economies, both in terms of the breadth of service availability and the inclusion of even broader sections of previously-excluded consumer classes.

Furthermore, in Africa, as elsewhere in the world, the development of the mobile device into a small personal computer holds the potential to commoditize vast amounts of data about African consumers, their lives, spending habits, and preferences. This holds the potential to make viable products and services aimed at previously under- and un-served market segments in Africa, and to create new products and services more suited to their wants and needs.

Mondato Summit Africa

In many respects this second generation of mobile finance and commerce products could allow Africa to surpass the mobile commerce ecosystems of somewhat more developed economies, and at the same time allow greater access to regional markets, which at times are currently often more difficult to access than goods and services from other continents.

Mondato Summit Africa is a one-of-a-kind, senior-level thought leadership event, which delivers indispensable knowledge, practical solutions, stimulating engagement, and invaluable contacts in a quest to help stakeholders navigate the fast growing, but highly fluid and complex, MFC space.

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