Growth of eCommerce in France

FRANCE | According to a study released by the Fevad and presented to Mrs. Sylvia Pinel, Minister of Crafts, Trade and Tourism, the French eCommerce sales have continued to grow during the year 2012. This study is based both on the information collected from major commercial sites and the aggregate amount of transactions by major companies providing payment on behalf of more than 117,000 websites. The permanence of the methodology and data processing have been validated by KPMG.


Internet sales reached 45 billion euros in 2012

Growth of eCommerce in France is up 19% year on year and reached 45 billion euros in 2012. This growth confirms the resilience of the overall growth in online sales in a crisis. Online purchases accounted for 13.1 billion euros in 4th quarter. Christmas sales (November-December), which represent 20% of sales for the year reached 9 billion euros, 19% more than at Christmas 2011. The number of online payments, has maintained a high growth rate to 4th quarter (25%) and the full year 2012 (28%). Thus, despite the decline in the average amount of the transaction, which continued in 4th quarter, the amount of online payments continued to grow 24% in 2012. 


As the average amount of a transaction, historically low due to the multiplicity of Christmas, has continued to decline by 1% in the 4th quarter of 2012 reached the lowest level ever recorded is 85 euros. However, this decrease is offset by the increase in the number of transactions and the amount spent per buyer each quarter. In the last quarter, the average amount spent per buyer exceeded 500 euros for over 6 purchases and are on average 1400 euros per buyer per year.


Growth still driven by an increase in supply and demand

In general, the growth of e-commerce in France has largely benefited from a strong increase in demand driven by the arrival of new online shoppers (+5% in the first 11 months) and the significant enlargement of the offer with the creation of new sites and e-commerce development of major retailers. Over the last 12 months, the number of merchants' sites reached 117,500 e-shops, an increase of 17% compared to last year. From 2005 to 2012, the number of commercial sites was multiplied by 8. This increase in supply can stimulate demand, as it develops a world of increasing price and service competitiveness.


ICE index up 7% excluding marketplaces

In 2012, the iCE Fevad panel 40 (which measures the growth of leading sites) saw their sales grow by 7% year on year, despite a slowdown in the last quarter. These results are in a context of sharp decline in household consumption, which is more pronounced in 4th quarter 2012: -2.9% in 2012 (-2.5% in the first 9 months of year). (Source: Banque de France). Within the panel iCE the consumer product segment rose 6%. For Apparel / Fashion, panel sales continued to grow at a rate of 4% in the 4th quarter. For 2012, sales increased 8% on a market decline of 2.1% (Source: IFM). For High-Tech and Appliances, the panel continued to grow to 7% in 2012, in a context of market decline of 2.8% in the first 11 months of the year (Souce: GfK) .


Sites of e-tourism experienced slower growth since the second quarter. However, the panel resists with 7% for the year 2012 in a challenging environment for all tour operators (from November 2011 to October 2012, down from 0.8% of sales volume - Source: Ceto) . In conclusion, the panel iCE growth continues despite a slight decline since the beginning of 2012. The panel's 40 sites alone represent almost 30% of all internet sales. 


M-commerce soaring

The turnover of mobile eCommerce sales on smartphones and tablets in the last quarter 2012 is 2.6 times higher than the last quarter of 2011. It represents 6% of the annual turnover of 2012 (excluding marketplaces) participating sites in the iCM Index (mobile commerce) against 2% in 2011. In total, sales of mobile internet are estimated at about 1 billion euros in 2012 (400 million in 2011) or 2% of sales revenue on the internet. 28% of those intending to make sales on the internet this winter intended to use their mobile or tablet.



The results for the French e-commerce sales in 2012 have been calculated from the iCE 40 panel consisting of the following sites:

3 Swiss, Accor hotels, Alapage, Camif Collectivites, Carrefour, Cdiscount, Celio, Club Med, Darty, Ebookers, Edreams, Fnac, France, Leisure, Galeries Lafayette, Go Voyages, Jm Bruneau, JPG, Kiabi, La Redoute, Lastminute , Ldlc, M6 Boutique, Manutan Mistergooddeal, Nouvelles Frontières, Opodo, Pixmania, Raja, Rue du Commerce, Sarenza, Sephora, Spartoo, Surcouf, TopAchat,, Vertbaudet Viking Direct, Travel Leisure, Voyages-sncf . com Welcome Office.

For the purposes of the study, Fevad also interviewed a panel of payment platforms, totaling more than 100,000 websites : Atos Worldline, SP Plus (BPCE), Crédit Mutuel-CIC, Monext, Ogone, PayBox, Paypal , PayZen. The estimated total market was calculated by aggregating the data panel and iCE value electronic payments (excluding panelists ICE) provided by the above payment providers.


About Fevad

Federation of e-commerce and distance selling, founded in 1957, today unites 560 companies and more than 800 websites. Fevad is the representative organization of e-commerce and distance selling. Fevad has the task to collect and disseminate information for the improvement of industry knowledge and action in favor of sustainable development and ethical distance selling and e-commerce in France.



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