Litle & Co. Selects CyberSource Decision Manager Anti-fraud Solution for Its Portfolio of eCommerce Merchants

LOWELL - MOUNTAIN VIEW — CyberSource Corporation, a Visa company (NYSE: V), today announced that Litle & Co. has partnered with CyberSource to offer CyberSource Decision Manager as the preferred fraud detection solution for Litle's portfolio of eCommerce merchants. CyberSource Decision Manager includes the world's largest fraud detection radar—data insight derived from the over 60 billion transactions processed annually by Visa and CyberSource, supplemented by 200 validation and correlation tests—to help merchants make faster, more accurate order acceptance decisions.

"Our customers demand the best solutions, period," said Jason Pavona, Executive Vice President, Product Marketing and Sales, Litle & Co. "CyberSource and its Decision Manager fraud solution have shaped the marketplace from the earliest days of eCommerce, and continue to lead in innovation. We appreciate the enhanced security Visa brings to the CyberSource fraud offering, and are excited to make this part of our solution to our customers."

"We're delighted to be working with Litle & Co.," said Michael Orlando, CyberSource Vice President, Global Sales and Service. "Litle's portfolio of merchants includes key eCommerce leaders. The combination of our payment management expertise and Litle's advanced merchant services will help these sophisticated merchants better optimize business results."

About Decision Manager

CyberSource's Decision Manager allows merchants to automatically assess the validity of inbound orders. When an order is received, Decision Manager simultaneously correlates attributes of that order against the data, device insights and validation tests generated from transactions processed by Visa and CyberSource. These results are then automatically evaluated by merchant-established rules, and the order is routed for fulfillment or suspended for manual review. This entire assessment takes place in approximately two seconds.

CyberSource has been helping merchants distinguish good orders from bad since 1997. Decision Manager is used by merchants worldwide and across multiple industry categories, including: airlines and travel, retail and direct response, services, and social and digital media/entertainment. CyberSource also provides managed services, staffed by experts from these various industries, to complement the skills and expertise of subscribing merchants.

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