'Mobile Commerce might surpass $25 billion for the full year'

UNITED STATES | Mobile Commerce spending reached $4.7 billion in Q2 2013 with a growth rate of 24% vs. year ago. For the first half of the year m-commerce spending accounted for $10.6 billion, representing 10% of total digital commerce during that time. With the expected seasonal surge in Q4 spending, m-commerce could surpass $25 billion for the full year.


comScore chairman, Gian Fulgoni, reports that “… one out of every ten consumer e-commerce dollars is now spent using either a smartphone or a tablet… growth in this segment of the market is outpacing that of traditional e-commerce by a factor of 2x… which itself is growing at rates in the mid-teens,,, “


Measuring M-Commerce with new functionality providing greater detail at the platform level (i.e. smartphones vs. tablets), Fulgoni suggests that m-commerce spending has reached enough of a critical mass that key stakeholders must begin to address this new market dynamic today or risk losing competitive advantage.


M-Commerce spending for the first half of 2013 indicates that smartphones drove a considerably higher share (6.0%) of total digital commerce than tablets (3.5%), says comScore report. While smartphone users outnumber tablet users by a factor greater than 2, the average spending per device owner is actually 20% higher on tablets. This is likely a function of the platform’s higher income demographics and its greater similarity to the desktop experience due to its larger screen size, suggests the report.


The top-ranked product categories in total m-commerce sales for the first half of 2013 were Apparel & Accessories, Computer Hardware, and Event Tickets, while Video Games, Consoles & Accessories showed the highest percentage of digital commerce spending occurring via m-commerce (23.7%).


Article sourced from, September 4th, 2013


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