Cross-Border Ecommerce | Key Business Drivers & Opportunities

AMSTERDAM | In the spring of 2013, and Payvision conducted a global survey exploring the key-business drivers and opportunities in emerging markets for cross-border ecommerce.


Cross Border Ecommerce Report 2013 for download

Global Acquirers, Merchant Services Providers (MSPs), ISOs, Payment Services Providers (PSPs) and online Merchants in the different regions were invited to respond over 50 questions. The results are published in their Cross-Border Ecommerce Survey / Report 2013 - free for download.


Online Retail Sales 2012 

In 2012, cross-border B2C ecommerce sales reached $300 Billion, while global B2C online sales volume is estimated to have exceeded $1 trillion in 2013. Online shopping paid via mobile devices is becoming increasingly popular, as a growing percentage of consumers carry their mobile phones in their pockets 24/7. Internet penetration is still increasing in developing, emerging and mature markets. Cross-border ecommerce is more intricate than domestic e-trade, but once key requirements are met, the business opportunities presented by profitable expansion into emerging markets are well worth the investments.


International Opportunities 

The results of this Survey shed light on the international opportunities and the barriers which PSPs, MSPs and ISOs face, when servicing Merchants with growing demands and expectations. The different ways to solve these challenges are discussed and facts & figures, revealing trends and developments in the online shopping landscape of Europe, North America, Asia and the Pacific Region. The Report focuses on those Regions which were indicated as most appealing for international expansion by their Respondents.


One Global Card Processor 

Analysis of the results of this Survey strengthens Payvision's belief that the European “Connect and Grow” business model, in which profits are shared by the various stakeholders within a global acquiring network of regional acquiring banks and international payment services providers - connected to one global card processor - will ultimately prove the best value proposition for both online shoppers and commercial players, within the growing ecommerce landscape.


Obtain your Copy and Register for their Webinar

There will be an in-depth webinar on Thursday October 24, 10AM PT / 1PM ET / 5PM GMT with the team from and Payvision to walk you through the research & findings in detail. Click here to go to their website and request your copy of the Cross Border Ecommerce Report 2013, and at the same time., register for their webinar.



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