TrustPay integrated in Paymentwall

BRATISLAVA | TrustPay has announced that Paymentwall, an international provider of payment solution, has fully integrated TrustPay's payment solution for Eastern and Central Europe.

Through an extensive network of partner banks and bank accounts in Eastern Europe, TrustPay is able to offer local bank transfers as a method of payment for local, and international, purchases without the need to open an account with TrustPay. TrustPay offers multi-currency and a 100% chargeback free payment solutions to online merchants.

Paymentwall is the global payment platform that integrates all local payment types for monetizing content and digital goods. Paymentwall makes it easy for users all over the world to buy digital content, virtual goods and subscriptions.

David Rintel, Head of Business Development at TrustPay: "The integration of Paymentwall with TrustPay is a welcome one. As Paymentwall is one of the leaders in online monetization, it is the ideal partner for us to expand and to offer our services to online social gaming and web services websites.

Benoit Boisset, Project Manager at Paymentwall says "We look forward to building on this relationship with TrustPay, and serving valued users all over Eastern Europe, an important emerging market for digital goods."

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