Electronics most popular in Ukrainian ecommerce

UKRAINE | In 2013, the Ukrainian online shoppers began to purchase all categories of goods over the Internet more actively. Most often, the Ukrainians bought electronics and appliances, clothing, cosmetics and perfumes, as well as accessories and gifts.


Digital Equipment most popular

73% of the Ukrainian online shoppers said they bought something from appliances, computer equipment and electronics within the last 12 months, versus 64 % in 2012. Most popular on the internet is still digital equipment (mobile phones, books, computers etc.), small appliances and accessories (keyboards, webcams etc.), audio-video devices and large household appliances. Clothing is in second place in popularity: half of the online shoppers have purchased clothing in the past 12 months. Third place belongs to cosmetics and perfumes, as well as accessories and gifts.


Online Shopping Behaviour

Traditionally, men are more actively buying online certain categories of goods: appliances and computer equipment, electronics, auto, sports equipment and construction materials. With women increasingly make online purchases of clothes, shoes, books, cosmetics and perfumes, goods for children and animals, food. Ukrainian online shoppers were more likely to use online auction sites with ads and price aggregators than last year. Sites for price comparison were used by almost 80% of the online shoppers. At the same time, the interest of "coupon" sites falls: in 2013 they were used by only 38% of online shoppers, while in 2012 the figure was 45%.


Webshop Top 3

Analysis by GfK Ukraine notes that the three leaders, associated with shopping on the Internet, are: (this year 47% of respondents named this shop, compared to 56% last year), in the second place - with the index 39 % (which is higher than last year by 5 percentage points), third place belongs to, which improved their performance by 7 percentage points to 19% .


Cross-Border Shopping Increases 

The number of internet users making purchases in foreign online stores significantly increased: in 2012 there were 18% of such customers, in 2013 already 26%. In most cases, they purchased clothing, accessories and gifts, household & computer equipment and shoes. Among the reasons for purchases abroad users still name attractive prices, quality of goods, exclusivity and a wide range of products.


Sourced from, January 21th, 2014




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