Docdata Payments launches 'One-Click-Pay System'

NETHERLANDS | Docdata Payments has launched linkID, an online solution that enables online shoppers to manage their online identity and use various popular online payment methods, including credit cards. For merchants, linkID provides insights on consumer behaviour and online spending enabling them to personalise marketing campaigns and become more effective.


linkID: Loyalty and Payments

With linkID, Docdata introduces an innovative customer loyalty and payment solution for e-commerce. LinkID shows the retailer personal preferences, interests and purchase history from their online shoppers. By analysing data from customer profiles, retailers are able to start creating personalised marketing campaigns (coupons, customised recommendations for repeat purchases). By rewarding consumer spend and providing marketing insights for merchants linkID creates a win-win situation for both shopper and retailer.


One click Pay

Easy payment with the push of just one button is now possible with the ‘one-click-pay system’ that is part of the linkID service. Through a personal account, linkID customers can manage their own online profile ID and connect payment cards. This solution enables customers to shop online with the linkID service through any internet-connected device. The shopper is no longer dependent on a Random Reader, TAN-code, or any form of authentication whatsoever, without compromising safety. linkID allows the user to pay through the traditional payment systems Visa and MasterCard, mobile and online. The ‘one-click-pay system’ of linkID is likely to boost conversion rates and to lower shopping cart abandonment.


linkID also for in-store purchases

linkID also offers a solution for retailers who want to combine an online and physical store. By scanning a QR code with a smartphone in-store, shoppers can quickly checkout through their linkID account. This can be used for purchases in store and for the collection of online orders.


Already live in Belgium

In Belgium, linkID has been live since 2013. The media marketing organization, Guido, who has the largest media group for students in Belgium is one of linkID’s users. Guido is using linkID for marketing campaigns whilst also allowing students to pay with their linkID account. Another service in the Belgian market already successfully using linkID is the digital wish list, iWish.


Partnership Docdata and LIN.K

The product linkID was developed by the Belgian company LIN.K. linkID is linked to Visa and MasterCard and payments run through Docdata, the payment service provider who also guarantees the security of the payment. For the protection of the personal profile, linkID has been working closely with the University of Leuven, the Interdisciplinary Centre for Law & ICT (ICRI) and the Computer Security and Industrial Cryprography group (COSIC). All safety requirements and laws regarding privacy are followed.


Checkout Docdata's website for more information on their One-Click-Payments and Loyalty solution linkID.


Sourced from Docdata Payments, January 20th, 2014



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