PAY.ON's award winning Dynamic Checkout Solution

GERMANY | PAY.ON won the Florin Award 2014 and got awarded at the EPCA Payment Summit last Wednesday for their Dynamic Checkout Solution. PAY.ON’s Dynamic Checkout Solution enables Payment Service Providers and merchants to offer shoppers their preferred local payment options from the wide range of payment methods available worldwide.


PAY.ON’s Dynamic Checkout Solution

Based on an HTML5 payment page, PAY.ON’s Dynamic Checkout Solution enables PSPs/ISOs and merchants to offer shoppers their preferred local payment scheme from the wide range of payment methods that are in place around the globe. Additionally, Dynamic Checkout is a fraud sensitive solution, displaying different payment methods according to a shopper’s risk profile. Hence, Dynamic Checkout meets shoppers’ payment expectations and prevents merchants from fraudulent purchases at the same time.


Mix of local payment methods

Providing an adequate mix of local payment methods as well as the right set of local and industry specific fraud prevention tools defines the success of merchants and of their PSPs/ISOs. PAY.ON’s Dynamic Checkout solution offers a suitable payment set-up for PSPs/ISOs and merchants to achieve fewer drop-outs, higher conversion and ultimately higher revenues.


Integrate Dynamic Checkout

In order to integrate Dynamic Checkout no extra programming, hosting or complicated set-up is required. PAY.ON provides the HTML5-based payment page code, which only needs to be copied into a web-shop’s script. Once integrated no further code is required.


PAY.ON | Empowering Payment Providers

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Florin Award

The Florin Transaction Services Innovation Award every year captures the most recent innovations in the transaction services industry. This year PAY.ON attended the summit with PAY.ON’s CEO, Markus Rinderer, making a speech on key strategic drivers in the online and mobile transaction markets and Falk Schubert, Senior Business Development Manager at PAY.ON, tracking trends in cross border online fraud.


Sourced from PAY.ON's Official Blog, March 14th, 2014


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